1. Mamata Banerjee has a bachelor’s degree from the Department of History. The Master’s degree in Islamic History.
II. She does not particularly like to eat oily food or bhajapora. He likes to eat rice, tea, and chocolate. Sat down to chat with the mood light covering close quarters loves to eat potatoes, chop compassion.
3. She walked on a treadmill every day at least 5-6 km. Over the long corridor fellow Assembly session, she walked with journalists. 10 km walk takes pity story, the story together.
4. Mamata Banerjee loves handloom saree to wear white, monochrome, with fringe. Diamonds are popular for this type of dhanekhali Hooghly.
5. Chief Minister Harish Chatterjee Street, tile home in South Kolkata, Mamata clutter. It is a little bit of rain water in front of his house. Mamata can be seen on the front of the brick house, walk on the left foot.
6. She was very fond of nature. So there is time to Darjeeling hills or in the forests of Midnapore Mamata rushed.
7. <span title=”প্রকৃতি নিয়ে ফটোগ্রাফি মমতার শখ।

“>Mamata hobby of nature photography.

8. Mamata mastiskaprasuta central park beautification.
9. Mamata Banerjee loves to listen to music. During the hearing when Tagore, Nazrul’s poetry reading.
10. Mamata Mamarabarira Birbhum. Mamarabarira childhood with his mother used to play when the rice paddies of the Chief Minister today.
11. Before coming to full-time politics, Mamata Banerjee worked as a stenographer. He is also a primary school teacher, private tutor, even selasagarlera never have worked.
1. Difficult time standing up for those who do not love them, never fail. Subrata Mukherjee, a former Congress leader Mamata Banerjee’s political career, played an important role. Subrata Mukherjee was today sworn in as minister again.
13. Many love poetry, prose, essays, and even wrote a novel. He is a painter. <span title=”তার আঁকা ছবি বিক্রি করে প্রাপ্ত টাকার পুরোটাই তিনি দেন পার্টির ফান্ডে।

“>It’s all about the money he obtained by selling his paintings to the party fund.

14. The leader can create rhymes orally? So, without any opposition rally in a variety of scripts, aiming to cut two-and four-line rhyme Chief Minister. Rhyme heard the praise and applause filled the crowd.
15. There is a sincere passion for folk art of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee?
16. Tech-Savvy is a pity really. More people using social media to reach close to Mamata. Facebook Live chat, he regularly tweets. 360 Tool Assembly elections, he used Facebook.