The social media you have with your Facebook ID to the IDs and other secure IDs to your Facebook profile now remove some information from.
Nowadays, we are all more or less involved with social media are. In short, the virtual world to the real world with ekatma now. The rate of murders and kidnappings that what is happening has become very difficult for everyone to stay safe. These events are more social yogayogamadhyamagulo affected. In fact, almost everyone now use Facebook. Asacetanataya their own and are unsafe. And therefore, it has become very important for all of us to be aware of. If everyone would consciously use Facebook and other Internet ayakatibhisana aidigula much as possible to avoid unwanted incidents. Notice a fe.

Many of us would open his date of birth on Facebook. It is not safe for us all. Date of birth of the era of information technology, information collected from the hyakara. Or any other enemy target in our attacks on this particular day. Date of birth on Facebook should be aware of all about keeping it open.

In the last few years of sexual crimes and child studies in England enaesapisisi children’s agency, said he was unaware of the use of social media patrons. The unexpected events occurred.
But there are many, many parents with children abegapluta social yogayogamadhyame share important information. As well as the status of any institution they are studying the subject, including his children informed Much. The fact that our children are not safe at all. And in many cases there is a possibility of child abduction incident.

Acting Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, told the public to share any information about the children all need to be careful about. Although many of the children’s photos are shared on Facebook. I’m aware of that, and its safety is not at risk. I went to see my baby pictures to share on social media, and I knew my baby kept my enemies. They seemed to understand the scope and child abduction. It really took a lot of time in a variety of events going on around us in society.

We have seen in the locations where there selaphi make tags. In fact, many of these unsafe for our siblings. And the last place that anyone can learn. As a result, it increases the security risk. I knew the enemy was attacking my position was. He should also keep in mind the time to share laphi abasseyaya.

We’ll never have seen a worker bee or a trip somewhere, he would go out to all my friends had already been shared between Facebook. It did not work for us, which is safe and accurate. He knew the things that our opponents can harm or damage of any kind can take the opportunity to. For our enemies, and he may be waiting for us to get that information to get all the information to do harm to our enemy was successful. <span title=”তাই সব সময় আমাদের মনে রাখতে হবে ফেসবুকে এসব বিষয়ের জানিয়ে দেয়া আমাদের নিজের নিরাপত্তার জন্য অনেক হুমকি।

“>So always keep in mind that Facebook will be notified of these many threats to our own security.

Therefore, they should now be fixed
Pictures from the Internet to collect.