Militant killed in Mitu revenge killing

‘জঙ্গি’ হত্যার প্রতিশোধ নিতেই মিতুকে খুনBrother, Zaid (Javed), brother of the neck by a grenade blast killed the tie. He is a big reason behind the ‘IS’ claimed. Brother, my fervent appeal to you, as you continue to kill the wicked and their collaborators at the office, but to attack. When they go on vacation, but kill them and take revenge. “This is the region of Chittagong Central Jail JMB military second in command, alias Mohamed Fouad part of a letter written by Bulbul. The second paragraph of the second page of a two-page letter Zaid revenge killings and torture of members of the murder of police have been asked to remain out of prison so-called ‘bhaike. Police have now confirmed, Chittagong Metropolitan Police’s Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Babul Akhter, wife of the Superintendent of Mitu banned militant outfit Jamaat-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) militants were killed by members. Writing from prison in Bulbul cithii Mitu kill the precious documentary sources.
The letter refers to the police for questioning bulabulake Bureau of Investigation (pibiai) petition Metropolitan Magistrate Harun granted a five-day remand. Kotwali Police Station on May 5 015 from the river adjacent to the monastery good company to recover the body of an unidentified man was arrested on charges shown on 7-day remand application, police said Bulbul Bureau of Investigation (pibiai). After the hearing, the court granted five days remand.

‘জঙ্গি’ হত্যার প্রতিশোধ নিতেই মিতুকে খুন
According to sources, the JMB leader Fuad alias mobulabula (6) and has also written citite me, but we did not get its name from the son of the shop’s name when they got caught. The boy gave the store a lot of information which we did not know. Brother, you do not misunderstand me, because I have seen them, persecute them. To do so, the trust in God. After the JMB members arrested and tortured himself, ‘IS’ claims to be the leader of JMB jabedake murder charges for killing the police called. The appeal has been citite not understand their mistakes. One of the top leaders of JMB spasakatara letter written last month of Police Superintendent Babul Akhter, wife Mahmuda Akhter Khanam Mitu police started investigating the murder shadow Bureau of Investigation (pibiai). Bulbul on 5-day remand custody for questioning about the pibiai note. An investigation of the country’s top intelligence agency.