Mossad assassinations and connections are similar to

‘গুপ্তহত্যা ও মোসাদ কানেকশনের উদ্দেশ্যে মিল রয়েছে’Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, and the ongoing talks with the BNP Joint Secretary General Aslam’s assassination and terrorist attackers ‘objectives’ are similar. Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime on Tuesday claimed that the newly formed unit (sititisi) chief Additional DMP Commissioner. Monirul Islam.
Section Bengali militant group on Monday night at the city’s Kamrangirchar Team (ABT) has arrested two suspected members of the Detective Branch (DB). They Mojahidul-Islam and Syed Mohammad Arif alias Solomon Arafat Islam. Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s media branch of the news media on Tuesday in response to questions from journalists sammmelane Khan said the police official said. Meanwhile, the ABT militants arrested this afternoon on a five-day remand for interrogation was taken, he said.
Khan said the police official said, after a meeting with BNP Joint Secretary General Aslam Chaudhry Mossad plotted to overthrow the government. The plot is part of the ongoing assassinations and terrorist attacks. This information has admitted several times to arrest militants.
Additional Commissioner of Police said two militants were arrested in the context of ABT, initially arrested have confessed, they ABT organizational meeting in the direction of one of the top leaders came to Dhaka. ABT-level leaders responsible for the region, he said. They gave important information about the activities of the organization announced ABT. The initial interrogation, citing information he said came to Dhaka and they were preparing for organizational meetings. They gave important information about the activities of the banned organization ABT. Trying to arrest other members of the organization continued.
ABT arrested two members were directly involved in recent terrorist attacks, said Khan said in response to questions on whether good with feelings, yet it could not be confirmed. However, they mainly worked daoyati activities and fundraising. He claimed, were arrested from the two jihadist books were seized two machetes and ABT. Kamrangirchar police anti-terrorism law suit against them (Case number 10), said.
ABT are involved in financing a question that additional police commissioner, told reporters, basically sympathetic to the group and the group of people like that financed them. We’ve got something like that person’s name, which we verified’m saved.
How are the activities of the team? But Khan said the board has said that the group is a spiritual teacher who has several online and through the process of employee motivation in private collections, are daoyatisaha other activities.