A responsible man or woman that her husband, always stri and should be used with condoms during intercourse. The fertilization condoms and gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV as a terrible STD is used as a preventative. <span title=”কনডম একজন পুরুষের হতে নারী যৌনসঙ্গীর শরীরে বীর্য প্রবেশে বাধা দেয়।

“>A male condom semen from entering the body of the female mates.

In particular, he is not willing to take the child to a couple whose husbands to use condoms in all dampatidera can janma condoms as a method of controlling an inexpensive and easy-to-use materials. There is no side effects, so.
The most effective dose to prevent the use of condoms. With proper knowledge and techniques, and the use of sexual activity when used in women who use male condoms, only two per cent of all women in pregnancy annual faced.
Couples of all couples in our society who do not want to take the children born in most cases, there is the issue of control over women, speaking of a man holding his hand over strira capiyedena ya subhaniya not at all. The fact that many women birth control method on the market, all of them have some side effects or damage.
In particular, all provisions that do not fit with the body of a woman. <span title=”তাই প্রতিটি পুরুষ বা স্বামীর উচিৎ তার শ্ত্রীর ভালো দিকটা দেখা ।আর যে সকল স্বামীরা শ্ত্রীকে সত্যয় ভালোবাসেন এবং আপনার শ্ত্রীর শরীর সাস্থ ভালো চান সুস্থ চান তারা অবশ্য আপনাদে জম্ম নিয়ন্ত্রের পদ্ধটি হিসেবে কনডম বেঁছে নিতে পারেন ।

“>So each man should have his or her good side strira see all the causes that strike husbands to true love and good health to your body healthy strira they want condoms as a method of choice, however, you can take control apanade born.

Awareness about birth control methods
A child born to us is always a pleasure to come to the message. But when he was born unwanted and unwarranted suffering, because then it becomes a joy rather than a message. The newly-born infant inside the dustbin beside the road, even the bathroom pipes screaming repeatedly reminds the wrong thing, and the lack of awareness. Lack of proper awareness about birth control methods do not even like the guy behind the eyes of the couple being transgressed.
Born under the old warning about strira sararika
In particular, the monthly menstrual days to 5 days before the 6 days are more likely to be mothers. In those days should refrain from sexual intercourse. For security reasons, two or three times a day from both sides that can be taken to increase.
For both the husband and the boy and girl stri condoms are available in the market. <span title=”তাই সঙ্গমের সময় যে কোন একজন ভাল কোন কনডম ব্যবহার করতে পারেন।

“>A mating time so that you can better use condoms.

Other side effects of the use of medicine jammaniyantrana
As a method of birth control pill or the use of drugs in the world and has been for a long time. It’s menstrual cycle and birth control pills to control a large role. Many people do not know, however, that in some of the side effects of birth control drugs. Most of these drugs and the use of contraception and the woman was experiencing problems.
Health Website Top Ten Home remedi said some methods of birth control side effects.
Eight of these issues as a sort of
1. Headache and Migraine
Because of hormonal birth control drugs are fluctuated. Headache and migraine are the problem. Some birth control pills isatrojena reduces levels of the hormone. Isatrojenera headache and migraine pain can cause the body lack.
<span title=”২০১৪ সালের কারেন্ট অপিনিয়ন ইন নিউরোলজিতে প্রকাশিত একটি গবেষণায় বলা হয়েছে ইসট্রোজেন হরমোনের পরিমাণ একটু কমে গেলে মাইগ্রেনের সমস্যা হওয়ার ঝুঁকি থাকে।

“>Current Opinion in Neurology published a study of 014 has been slightly reduced the amount of the hormone isatrojena the risk of migraine problem.

II. Nausea
At first when I started birth control pills causes nausea in some. However, these side effects can be reduced in the coming days. To reduce this problem, it can be eaten before going to bed. Medication is taken 30 minutes before eating antacids under a doctor’s advice. Another important thing is to eat at the same time every day. <span title=”বমি বমি ভাবের কারণে যদি খেতে অসুবিধা বোধ হয় তাহলে চিকিৎসকের পরামর্শ নেয়া জরুরী।

“>If you experience difficulty eating because of nausea spirit is important to consult a doctor.

3. The breast of
Sometimes birth control pills can increase the breasts of many women. This is the problem of drugs to begin in a few weeks or occurs. <span title=”হঠাৎ করে হরমোনের পরিবর্তনের কারণেই এমন হয়।

“>Hormonal changes are the result of a sudden.

4. Bloodshed
Sometimes a little bit in the middle of menstrual bleeding may be due to intake of birth control pills. <span title=”ওষুধ শুরু করার প্রথম তিন মাসের মধ্যে এমন হতে দেখা যায়।

“>In the first three months of starting the drug that can be seen.

5ojana leads
Within a few days after taking birth control pills to gain weight. Osudhagulote is a lot of high-level isatrojena. Isatrojenera high levels of hunger and affect the body water increases. <span title=”এতে ওজন বাড়ে।

“>This leads to weight.

6. Yeast infection
Another side effect of the fungus infection bhejainaya methods of birth control. <span title=”উচ্চ পরিমাণ ইসট্রোজেনের মাত্রা ছত্রাক সংক্রমণ বাড়ায়।

“>Isatrojenera high levels of yeast infection increases.

7. Mood changes
Women’s mood fluctuates a lot of time due to birth control drugs. <span title=”হরমোনের ভারসাম্যহীনতার কারণেই এমন হতে পারে।

“>May be due to hormonal imbalance.

8. Of difficulty
Birth control drugs is due to the difficulty of a lot of time. Due to hormonal changes in the body due to the water that comes his eyes swollen manio. This affects the size of the pupils. <span title=”তাতে দৃষ্টিতে অসুবিধা হতে পারে।

“>It may be difficult to view.

Pictures taken from the Internet and tathyatuko side effects.