6 dead in the Uttara lift rent


উত্তরায় লিফট ছিঁড়ে ৬ জনের মৃত্যু

Uttara in the capital of a multi-storey building caught fire tear lift. 6 people died buried in the wall. They could not be identified immediately. In addition, at least 5 people, including 3 of the same family were burnt and wounded.
Friday evening at 6 pm at Uttara Sector 3, Dhaka-Mymensingh highway accident Tropical Alauddin Tower. 14 units of the fire service at 7 pm at night, doused the fire.
According to witnesses and injured, a 16-storey building there is a ten-storey shopping mall and commercial offices. At around 6pm loud noise tore down an elevator. Along with the building caught fire and spread quickly. In the meantime, building shopping malls and commercial establishments in the buyer-seller, and others are running scared. A sudden fire trapped several buildings.
According to hospital sources, the fire dagdhasaha 4 people have been hospitalized, three of the same family. In the meantime, Mahmud Hasan (36), 80 per cent of her daughter maisa (10), 55 percent, 8 percent of 3-month-old boy burned mustakimake was admitted to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
Roasted Mahmud Hasan, with his daughter and son came to an Iftar party. His wife was supposed to come later. Elevator in the building torn down already caught fire. Another injured Mamun (8) Emergency Department has primary treatment.
House Inspector of Fire Services headquarters War manabakanthake Mahmudul Haque said the specific cause of the fire was not immediately known. 1 pm until 6 pm He died in the incident has been confirmed. The 4 men and two women. However, their identities could not be ascertained.
Riaz Uddin, a fire also injured including 6. Tear off the elevator on the ground floor in the basement wall collapsed prayers. 6 people died trapped in the wall at the time.