College teacher arrested in attack on college students killed in a gunfight with police Ghulam Fahim phaijullaha judicial inquiry has sent a legal notice to the government asking the Supreme Court lawyer SM Zulfiqar Ali.

In the next 15 days, the Home Secretary, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Madaripur Sadar police chief Superintendent of Police have been asked to reply to the notice. Otherwise the constitution to protect human rights in accordance with the Constitution, Article 10 June was referred to the High Court notice to be filed.

Legal notice are referred to the Department of Mathematics lecturer at Ripon College, Madaripur official Nazim Uddin Chakraborty June 17 attack on Fahim was remanded in custody for 10 days. The state custody on June 18, he was killed in an alleged encounter with police. Killed in shootout at police custody remand of the accused for the country and the nation is unfortunate and contrary to the rule of law.

The report also remand the case to the criminal operations of the police seems to be completely passive role. Why the police to provide adequate protection in case of operation of the defendant does not even questioned. Although the defendant killed in gunfight with police during the operation Criminal rogue or not directly injured or killed. Moreover, local people heard the sound of shooting, or did not see anyone escape the news that has been published.

Madaripur Sadar police chief and local media published statements. Apparently it is their statement that, on remand, was killed in a shootout over Fahim’s drama and mystery. Gun deaths in police custody remand violation of human rights and the country’s existing criminal laws and guidelines and orders relating to the High Court against the remand.

Fahim was killed in a shootout in the event of actual or hide the names of those responsible for killing him has been formed to unearth why a judicial inquiry would not be? Why is the charge of the incident, the police department will be charged with neglect of duty, and are requested to inform it in writing.