Another police officer killed in shootout with terrorists in bangladesh Gulshan

গুলশানে রেস্টুরেন্টে অস্ত্রধারীদের হামলায় ওসি সালাউদ্দিনের মৃত্যুAnother police officer killed in shootout with terrorists in Gulshan
To rescue the hostages, the terrorists shot dead in a restaurant in Gulshan, another police officer were killed. Rabiul Islam deceased. The Police Assistant Commissioner (AC).
A duty officer at the United Hospital pulima headquarters correspondent confirmed the news of his death.The city’s police chief Salahuddin Khan died.

However, almost half the injured policemen were admitted to the hospital. On the other hand, however, a few moments ago that the Holy artijana Bakery in Gulshan, Banani police chief Salahuddin were killed in armed attacks.

Additional Police Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police confirmed the Sheikh Maruf Hassan Salahuddin bloody injured taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead.Salaudinera nephew of his uncle’s death, the journalists said Mishu Hasan.

RAB sources said the Holy See and the surrounding area, surrounded by shops artijana police, RAB and BGB. RAB helicopters patrol the skies. Bekarike gunfire and explosions in the surrounding sources, including at least 5 people were injured. The source said that some trapped inside the bakery.

According to the latest information, the police surrounded the hospital has united, no one is allowed to enter inside.

Gulshan police department, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Abdul Ahad told reporters Mofizul Islam bodyguards, ADC Ahad, Gulshan police chief Islam, sub-inspector (SI) SI Rafique and Zia, iyachinasaha Bhatara police inspector of police injured at least 50 people have been admitted to the hospital. However, a hotel located in the city’s Gulshan Road number 79 in the US embassy hostage incident, advised everyone to stay alert.

Soon after the start of the event on behalf of the embassy said in a tweet message has been shot at Gulshan II, and were reported to have been held hostage. Stay safe everyone and news monitoring.


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