ThumbnailSuch violent and brutal killings and attacks in Bangladesh’s never happened before. The attack on Friday night Mexican restaurant in the city’s Gulshan Holy artijana militants were victims of atrocities committed by terrorists and foreign 0. Not only that, the two police officers who were killed in the attack. Rescued restaurant staff came up with the description of the terrorist atrocities of that day, some pictures.
The night around 9pm. A restaurant on the first floor at the front of the foreign guests sitting at the table eating 10 or 1. Resturentatite enter the first round of militants fired on them. Save, save, help, help it to survive if guests desire. Many tried to escape was shot in the head at the left. Employees no toilet, no kitchen, and no one tried to flee or go into storarume. Some stairs to the second floor and the roof was moved out from the jump. The restaurant staff and guests hostage by militants overnight near the body. Some employees were detained in the toilet. Muslims who were hostages for their Iftar meal ordered the cook to serve terrorists.
Imam Hussain green restaurant employee told reporters that he was working. Some of the guests at the table in front of them suddenly shot into the running. 5 or 6 when he and staff took refuge in a house. They heard gunshots for about 10 minutes. At the end of the sound of gunfire after the terrorists took them out of the house. And because you have nothing to fear. I’m not here to kill. I came to kill infidels. We have come to die. You’re boldly. There is no reason for fear. Two restaurant staff stave off the arms were everywhere. See ways to enter. Hiding in another room and took some of it. Atithisaha employees hostage to stand on one side of the head.
Green stairs and more stairs to the floor below and saw a man bleeding in several places we atake up. All are kapate. At the time, the move was among those who fall into any one of them cut his throat and stabbed someone in the chest, killing the militants. Some of them were hacked to death. Here’s one of the foreign terrorists who want to know where he is safe? Despite the different rooms tannatanna rannagharasaha did not say that they are looking for Argentine diyagoke safe. But could not find him.
Imam Hussain said green bodies lying scattered on the floor in four or five staff members to sit on a table Sabuj they said. Everyone is to keep your head down. He was propped up on a table next to some of the guests men and women. So maybe he was afraid of the green amaderakerao kill. One of them firearms and sharp knife. No one is standing too close. The rest of the restaurant’s arms moving in different places. Some employees took to the roof.
Discussed with staff at a variety of Islam terrorists. The Arabic and English, and they speak Bengali. Arabic to English translation of the sounds made. Asked employees to fill the jobs they are infidels lawful understand why karearao forbidden to do a job. Santrasari bottle of wine at a table in this restaurant wants to know whether the alcohol is sold. The officials said that the sale of alcohol is not the answer here. The foreigners brought with alcohol and eat here. At one time the restaurant at night, several gas cylinders terrorists gathered. If necessary, they reasoned among themselves, were killed in a grenade explosion silindaragulote gas will blow up the whole building. Some of them were detonated at the time with their employees and guests hostage will be killed. Gentile said the terrorists restaurant is supposed to be so much more. Why is this a little bit. And that would have killed them were successful.
While speaking about the terrible experience of the night, the guests green more food and water to the hostages, the terrorists had ordered. One of them Muslim hostages sahoor fish out of the refrigerator for employees to bring cook and eat as fast. After being rescued from the employees and the guests went out to tell people about this ayadabhancara. The terrorists opened fire and stabbed people how to beat it is to the outside. With some of the money to the terrorists themselves, officials say early, we’ll be dead. And you keep the money.
Resturentatite thalabati Bachchu was clean. He told reporters Safe diyagosaha we were 6 people in the kitchen. In the meantime, thasathasa heard gunshots. Word in a row. People are screaming. We are all horrified. We got through the roof. From 1 to 10 people on the roof, I have to hide our staff. Safe Diego, and I was on one side of the roof. Still loud noises. Safe spaces in the middle of the building next to the restaurant and I jumped. I read the boundary walls of the house. Tarakamtaya exploded in my two hands. We sit in silence along the wall, two on the ground. When I hear a loud noise. He also said the boy, and Diego for nearly an hour after the police opened the door between the two buildings. They did not understand. It is thought the terrorists shoot. In a moment the door was closed. From 3 minutes again opened from the outside. The boy looked at the door wearing a helmet at the thought that they were police. Police say Mr. help. Help m. Then the police took us out of there. We’re told the boy survived. Thanks to God.
The restaurant’s kitchen staff and his nephew Samir barau Rintu kirtaniya jimmidasa recovered from the incident describe the home. Samir and rintusaha 6 to 7 keeps people stuck in a toilet terrorists. They spent the whole night in fear of death. Rintu morning when the army began firing sound when they became afraid again. S coming towards the bathroom. At one point, some of them with a toilet open a ventilator to show their identity cards military commandos showed that some of the organization’s Duty garments.
On the other hand being held by militants abinta Aijaz Hussain Kabir and Faraj and Indian young tarusi Jain went there to meet each other. Pharajake militants to leave, but the other two did not agree to leave a friend. They killed three terrorists.
Ishrat, another Bangladeshi worker was rescued during the night stand beside Akhand two militants. Asked if he was asked the name of Ishrat and Muslim citizens of Bangladesh. A militant Muslim when he wore the hijab and why? Why is not wearing a head covering? Isaratake discuss the two militants. After the third one to come into the hands of militant kichksuna not have much time. Then one militant and killed him with sharp weapons isaratake knock.