Gulshan attack died in detention Shaon

গুলশান হামলা: আটক শাওন মারা গেছেনBakery restaurant in the capital’s Gulshan Holy artijana bloody attacks from the area a few hours later Zakir Hossain Shaon (X) in the name of the young man who died in police detention. Friday afternoon she died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
She told reporters that her mother before her, shivering in the morning with Shaon nose and mouth were bleeding. Casualty condition deteriorated, he was taken to the ICU.
Family commentary, Shaon for a year as an assistant chef Holly artijana Bakery was.
The young mother said, four thousand rupees a month, he would Shaon. His younger brother has three. Abdus Sattar calaita rickshaw before their parents, now disabled. He sold the family run I made cake.
The July 1 attack on the restaurant, local and foreign militants killed 0. The next day, took control of the armed forces in commando operations. Six were killed during armed.