Kishoreganj Sholakia Musallaa attack on a police checkpoint in the bag when suddenly knock the attacker. <span

Then the attackers clashed with police began.

Azimuddin High School in front of the patrol police set up a security patrol. There the people were being searched. <span title

During the event, police raided another suspected police constable in the neck with a sharp weapon when he began to knock.

A local journalist told the BBC. “The police checkpoint when the bag to knock on one of the militants, a police constable. With the firing of rage. 

“>At one point the police to fire back when it comes to the other members of the police, the terrorists tried to flee.

In the meantime, at least nine constables were injured when attackers opened fire and wrath filed. The incident began just a few minutes after the raid, RAB and police.
Golapabage in the area when the attack took place, the police two attackers could recognize.

A four-storey attackers took shelter under a house, he said.

The reporter, quoting police, said police chased the attackers with guns and capatisaha arrested.

Police two pistols, several rounds of ammunition, a machete and a kakatale recovered.

Since he was a master in the field of Quranic statement read by the microphone, noise due to the strong external field has reached the incident in any way.”

‘Prayers were in panic, running when they have a few thousand people could be killed or injured in a stampede.