Casillas, whose birth name was Muhammad Ali Marcellus Clay Jr. was an American professional boxer, heavyweight generally regarded as the most important of which is the history of sports. At the beginning of krirajibanera inside and outside the ring, Ali is known as a very inspiring and controversial chilenasportasa Illustrated him Player of the Century and has been honored as the BBC Sports Personality of the Century.
Clay began training at the age of 1. Twenty-year-old in 1964, he won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Sonny listanake. February 5 from the date of September 19, he was the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the honor. A few days later, he joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name. In 1975, he was converted to Sunni Islam.
In 1967, Ali’s religious beliefs and opposition to the Vietnam War in the United States to participate in the compulsory military service was denied to join. For this reason, a few days later, he was convicted shook his boxing title. During the next four years of his life did not get off any kind of pratiyogiyaya boxing. In 1971, her appeal was submitted to the Supreme Court, where the charges against him were evacuated. Ali bibekajanita activity to the generation of anti-war culture are respected by the world tolebaksim 1974, Ali came back and won the World Heavyweight Championship again in 1978.
Professional wrestler George Wagner, inspired by the controversial issues relating to Ali’s boxing press conferences and in interviews he did not hesitate to give a clear opinion. Ali, as opposed to white Americans, African-Americans were able to change the location of sporting.

Early life of Muhammad aliira
Muhammad Ali was born on 17 January 1942. Clay and his father was a senior signs and billboards color was a housewife and mother odisa gryadi Clay. However, Clay Sr. was a Methodist, but his wife had permitted his children to baptiste. Marcellus Clay Jr. luibhilate Casillas was born in Kentucky in the United States. Casillas named after his father, two brothers, Marcellus Clay of Clay was named as the senior US politician of the same name in honor of the late nineteenth century were kept. Grandfather and grandmother’s name was John Clay Clay Clay and Anna Sali. According to the testimony of Madagascar Eva’s sister Sali was a resident of Clay. Clay’s father was a painter and his mother a grhapatni Odessa Clay was gredi. Clay Sr. was a descendant of pre-Civil War southern African-American slaves.
Luibhilara boxing coach Joe Martin kleke police officer as well as the first to learn boxing when he was a twelve-year-old bicycle thief with kleke dekhenatara to mayhem in the next four years, he trained katamyana Chuck bodaka.
Clay 1954 for the first six Kentucky Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament namenatini titles, two national Golden Gloves titles, once the Amateur Athletic Union national title at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and won a gold medal in the Light Heavyweight contest. Clay amateur boxing competitions won 100 times and was defeated only five times. 

 Muhammad Ali’s fight early
Clay professional boxing on October 9, 1960, for the first time took part in the competition and attract hanasakarake defeated six-round. Scrub the dishes and sweep the work was denied his coach Archie Moore in 1960, Clay left. Then he was appointed as an instructor Angelo Dundee. Sugar Ray rabinasanake as a manager than he was rejected.
From then until late 1963 was Clay 19-0 winning record, including 15 wins by knockout occurs. He esparti Tony, Jim Robinson, Donnie phlimyana, Alonzo Johnson, George Logan, Willi besamanapha, lyamara Clarke, Doug Jones, Henry Cooper, etc. defeated boxers. Archie murakeoparajita in 196 Clay said. Kleke early this fight has to be faced with quite a few times. Henry Clay in the fourth round encounter with Cooper Cooper huke fell to the ground, but the sound of an hour to go live at the right time. March 13, 1963, in New York’s Madison Square Garden fight with Doug Jones fight was the toughest time of his life. At the beginning of each fight, Clay would belittle his opponents and his own abilities can boast. His behavior had caused the anger of many viewers.

Casillas Clay became Muhammad Ali
After winning fame, he quickly reached the top of the left. At the time, he announced he was a member of the Nation of Islam Nation of Muslim tribe. Casillas kept his name because he thought his last name X indicative of slavery. A few days later the head of the tribe, told reporters as he introduced Mohammad Ali | It is in the hands of the followers of the Sunni Sufi Shaykh Hisham was kabbanira
What happens after refusing to go to war in Vietnam?
In 1964, he failed the test not qualified to enter the fate of the soldier’s life. In 1966, he was passed. He refused to go to war in Vietnam. He said that it does not support war. He did not go to war except by Allah or the Prophet. There is no conflict with the Vietcong, they did not insult him as black. He did not want to be known as Clay Casillas, he was unable to take part in the Championships of the Americas in 1966, with a list of .1965 in 1967 after a rematch with yara phalira matches played Championships to defend his title 9 times. So many times in such a short time is very low baksarai fought. A anyataama hard ‘in the fight of his life, he has won 1 round. In 1966, Ali came back amirikaya klibhalanda fought with Williams. 3, which he won in a round that matches his best. In 1967, he erani terela in Houston with a ring made in combat. Prior to the match, he insulted terela Clay. Ali decided to give him the right punishment. He was bloody ‘in the fight at 15 rounds, many feel that the desire to fight Ali did not finish. In 1967, he was banned for 3 years due to war, do not. In 1970, the Supreme Court ‘in the fight, he was able to return.

Century fight
Ali and Joe Frazier met in March 1971 in which the “fight of the century” known as. The fight was a close fight in which two Mahavira talked about all that thrilled. Joe Frazier and Ali won the match, he was defeated for the first time. He was, however, retrieved the title fight rematch in 1974.
Rumble in the jungle
In October 1974 he played George Foreman in the Rumble in the jungle to fight with called. Ali did not see the possibility of the extreme supporters of Ali. Norton Ali and George Foreman and fought violently with their two round defeated. Foreman won 40 of 37 3 raundera nakaaute in combat. Ali wanted to exploit this matter. Everyone thought he would fight with agility. But he stayed far away. He was invited to phoramyanake attack. His aim was to make him tired. 8th round, he got his opportunity and made phoramyanake knockout.
In 1975, he was converted to Islam. According to him, he played the role of the head of the Nation of Islam W. D. Frazier fought Muhammad Ali in with .1975. Two heroes’ in the fight that everyone was very excited. At the end of 14 rounds, Frazier’s coach did not have to fight him because he had one eye closed. Frazier later retired. A ‘in the fight 1976 Olympic Medallist in 1978, he lost the title to Leon sphinx. He lost in the first amateur to. He retired in 1979.
However, he returned in 1980 to take away the title from Larry Holmes. Larry was his disciple was so interested in all battles. After 11 rounds, Ali was defeated. It is later revealed serious defects of the brain has been captured. His brain was pierced. He retired in 1981 after winning 56 of 37 nakaaute 5 defeat.

Muhammad Ali’s Bangladesh tour
February 19, 1978, a foreign company had a 5-day tour of the capital. He was accompanied by his family at the time of his second wife, Veronica Stroke on stroke models, Laila Ali, daughter, brother, father and mother. Once the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali to become the country’s first medal in international competition in the same ring descended boxer Abdul Halim. Abdul Halim knockout of three-time world champion Muhammad Ali did the other day. He also wanted someone younger to have fun with him, then the junior boxing champion with her 1-year-old Gias Uddin panasei the opportunity to play in the tour of Bangladesh government to respect the citizenship. Paltan Boxing Stadium is named after him.

In 1980, he parkinsonism diseases en: parkinson’s disease was diagnosed. When he was asked whether he was responsible for the disease boxing is boxing if he was not so famous. After retirement, he dedicated his life to the welfare of humanity. He worked relentlessly to establish world peace. On June 03, after 3 years of Parkinson’s illness, he died at the age of 74 at 016.