First Anglo Afghan War since 1839, also known to many of Auckland’s folly in Afghanistan between 1842 and the battle was fought between the British East India Company. The Afghans won. The fighters of the Afghan war, 4,500 British and Indian soldiers and camp followers were killed 12000. Overall, however, defeated the Afghans in the latest fighting, the British were able to defeat. Great game in the major battle during the conflict. At the time of Asia’s dominance in the competition were the United Kingdom and the Russian Empire.
British India in 1830, the position was secure. But by the end of 1837 in Sindh and instability in Afghanistan and the Sikh Empire, due to the increase in the power of the Lord habahausa palamarastona and others are afraid of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, India, the idea may be. Russian Empire in Central Asia, was gradually increased its control. Offering an alliance with the British against the Russians, the British ambassador in Kabul, Amir Dost Muhammad Khan, Dost Muhammad Khan pathayasamprati Sikhs in Peshawar, the capital of Afghanistan’s second to recover lost and want to help. But the British were not willing to help. Meanwhile, the Russians sent to Kabul as ambassador Ian bhitakebhicake can learn about the Governor General of India Lord Auckland. Dost Muhammad Khan to join hands with the Russians to support such a possibility. In 1838, after the collapse of talks between Afghanistan and the Russians in India, the British fear of Russian aggression is more concentrated. Qajar dynasty of Persia, with the help of the Russians, but the British laid siege to Herat after the threat of war comes they wanted to increase their dominance aserusara South and Central Asia. They have established an alliance with the Qajars. Qajars regional control of Afghanistan to the dispute. Lord Auckland Shuja Shah duraranike opponent away British rulers in Afghanistan, plans to install karenabritisara attacks in Afghanistan, rejected allegations of foreign interference, stating that they are backing away Shuja’s legitimate government.

A total of 21000 British and Indian soldiers under the leadership of John Kane’s forces in December 1838 and began its journey from Punjab. Instead, respectively, after Sir William elaphinastonake uilobi cotton and then are given leadership. Calcutta was the former chief secretary to the government of William O myakanagatena. Britain’s chief representative in Kabul, he was selected. By the end of March 1839, British forces reached the town of Baloch in Quetta, crossed the Bolan Pass, and started toward Kabul. The remote area, desert and mountain peaks beyond 4,000 meters high, 5 April 1839, reached the camp in Kandahar in July .1839 X on a surprise attack, the British captured the fort of Ghazni. From there it was to keep an eye on the plains east of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The British ruled the city had a gate. During the British occupation of the castle on behalf of 00 people and 500 Afghans were killed or wounded. 1,600 Afghans were captured. Ghazni itself forward as a better supply Dost Muhammad Khan easier paretarapara British forces won a major victory. Dost Muhammad, the son of one of the Afghans took the lead. Dost Muhammad Khan bamiyane of his loyal followers, and later fled to Bukhara. Shuja Shah Durrani again 30 years later acceded to the throne in Kabul.

Most of the British soldiers came back to India and has just 8,000 soldiers from Afghanistan. However, it appears that the British strong presence in the rapidly Shuja regime can not survive. Afghans resented the British presence and the rule of Shah Shuja. In order to increase the morale of soldiers and their family members to Afghanistan, William O myakanagatena allow the Afghans to become more angry. Janmiye the idea that the British are trying to set up a permanent dominance. Dost Muhammad failed attack on the British and their Afghan allies launched. Then he surrendered and the British in 1840 at Bala Hissar fortress in exile in India hanase time left and set up cantonment moved to the northeast of Kabul. The place was better than the defense. The area was low and jalakirna and paharabestita. Nor was cantonment and warehouse and logistics of troop levels was much more than 300 yards away from the main cantonment separate castle. In April and October 1841, Dost Muhammad Khan, son of the Wazir Akbar Khan angry Afghan tribesmen supporting the Hindu Kush mountains in Bamiyan and other places north of the alliance began tether. They tend to be organized under the leadership of Mir masajidi Khan and other leaders, high-ranking British officer, Sir Alexander Berners .1841 in November, and his associates in Kabul, was killed by the mob. The British did not take any action against her. As a result, people became more interested in prevention. Afghans in Kabul on November 9, after the British attacked the fort of short-term supply situation worsened pratiraksasampanna hayaparera weeks the British commanders tried to negotiate with Akbar Khan. Wazir Akbar Khan, the British presence in Afghanistan to be offered in exchange for secret myakanagatena. At the same time large sums of money are spent for the murder of Akbar Khan and Akbar Khan can find it. December 3 Akbar Khan and near the cantonment was held in myakanagatanera. Myakanagatana and the other three officers killed Akbar Khan. Myakanagatanera bodies dragged in the streets of Kabul are displayed in the market. Elphinstone already lost part of his authority to lead his army was much reduced.

The two sides reached an agreement on January 1, 1842. It is said that the British garrison in Afghanistan and the dependents will be able to leave the country safely. After five days of his starts. On behalf of the British population was about 16,500, including 4,500 soldiers and camp followers was 12000. Most of the British army, and the 44th Regiment of the Indian iunitabhukta feet while crossing the pass was the only British byateliyanatusarabrta gilajai fighters clashed with them. Pass gandamaka British forces were killed in large numbers. Dr. them only. William brides arrived in Jalalabad base. At that time, members of the forties comes down. Almost all were killed in the fighting 44th regiment of foot. Only Captain James sutara and Sergeant Fair and seven soldiers were taken prisoner escaped. On Afghanistan, the Afghans attacked British positions at the same time. Among the affected areas in Kandahar, Jalalabad and Ghazni. Kandahar was the highest in the presence of the British Army. Ghazni defeated India in the spring of 1842, but the other garrison lasted until the arrival of the army of helpers. Akbar Khan, was defeated near Jalalabad and Kabul, the British plan for recovery kareanyadike elenaboro Lord, Lord Auckland, suffered a stroke, and his place was appointed as Governor General. He was given the responsibility to end the war. Elenaboro Kandahar and Jalalabad after the release of prisoners and the return of the soldiers to take revenge issued in August 1842 by General Knot marched from Kandahar. Ghazni conquered and looted several areas of the shipment. General Pollock Jalalabad already started to come in to clean up the Khyber Pass. Took his first general cell block. General Pollock from Jalalabad Akbar Khan defeated. Before the capture of Kabul by the British defeated the combined forces of the opponent. Prisoners released a month later and ransacked the city after the British left the Khyber Pass to Afghanistan. Dost Mohammad Khan and re-acceded to the throne in Kabul.