Whether on the street or at home alone if ramela
It comes out from the inside of the old days
<span title=”গানগুলো ।আর কি করার শুরু হয়ে যায় গুনগুন শব্দে গাওয়া ।

“>What causes the humming sound of the singing of songs.

The day was also to sing a song endrokisorera. Everyone wants to love someone gets or loses a lover of what it does.
Full Song kathaguloh
Everyone wants to love
Some may lose some
What does the lover
Everyone wants to love
How long pursuit
One was found near her ..
The flower will come with songs phaguna
Oli wants Phulera hasuka paints paints.
I want you to come
Silently love this niralaya ..
That leads to the river leads to the Master of the Sea
Toru wants to let the trailer wire.
I want you to digit
<span title=”পথ চেয়ে বসে থাক, আমারই আশায়।।

“>Stay on the path, my hope ..

Tracing the satyaito lekhatao my life premato are many. Each human life is a different kind of love, full of colorful dreams So what’s everyone’s dream, or is? Is not.
As did ramelara. When the 15-year-old ramelara
There was a relationship with his son. I have built psyche in love with the boy ramela
Ramelake son have built sincerely loved.
But that is a problem between the two bhalobasabasira ramela in love with the boy, the boy was very poor compared to rameladera. <span title=”আর গরিব হওয়ায় ছেলেটির কপালে রমেলার প্রেমের পরশ সইল না ।

“>The poor boy’s forehead was not enough ramelara loving touch.

Ramelara father was a village busybody. The village
Four of the ten people who salisi. And his daughter in the village of ramela dinamujura general laboring peasants love it boy
What is. It may be seen in a farmer’s son in love with a girl named matabbarera again will create a new tale or movie. <span title=”না কিছুতেই এটা মেনে নেয়া যায় না ।

“>It is not anything that can not be accepted.

After the drama or Bengali film that, like our country, and the boy, and ramelara ramelara
In the face of her husband’s love, the love of three life was destroyed. Three people in the world became. Ramelara ramelake married family man in his life plays tacchanaccha name, and the man is proud of his daughter ramelara ramelake ramelara father was killed in the city of love, married the daughter of a rich man’s son to be in peace and prosperity. In fact, there are ramela peace? Ramela is not happy. <span title=”কারন রমেলার মনে বাসা বেঁধে রেখেছে গ্রামের দিনমুজুরি করে খাওয়া সেই কৃষক ছেলেটির প্রেম ।

“>Ramelara because it is home to tie the rural farmer boy dinamujuri love to eat.

The farmer’s son he left the village comes ramelake and ramelara love lost between the city life, offering ramelara bhalobara So he came to the city of Gaza, alcohol addiction Immerse yourself in the forgotten love ramelara
But what would be so easy to love any story that text books for the exam before the exam to remember forgotten after the exam again.
No text book is the story of love is not so easy to love, which is the pulse of the place, but that the heart of the effort can not be far away.