Near the village of Panipat Haryana on 1 April 1526 the use of artillery hayayuddhaksetre who fought in the war, this war is one of prathamagulora. 0 gurutbapurana century ago, a few more wars in the region, according to hayechehisaba Babur’s army had 15,000 soldiers, and 0 to 4 Field Artillery. Ibrahim Lodi forces had a total population of nearly 100,000. However, the main fighting force of about 30000 to 40000 population. It was about the size of elephants fighting alongside his troops knew 1000ibarahima Lodi, Babur’s forces were protected against the winds of waterways. That is why the branch is covered ditches. Garuragari is the middle of the rope barrier 700. Myacalakamyanadera between the two cars is safety. The law was enacted to keep enough space for a cavalry attack on the army after hayaibarahima Lodi, Babur’s army, he found that the narrow layout. He gave an order to attack the narrowest Babar took advantage of its sides. Ibrahim Lodi many soldiers fought and failed to turn the war when they fled their musket karenababarera forces, attacked with artillery and cavalry began. Ibrahim Lodi was defeated and killed in battle.

Ibrahim Lodi, Babur, and in the war of Panipat. Lodike Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodi attacked India Daulat Khan was invited to. Give gujarati since 1590 is estimated to be shot by the oyakita e-book baburi
Babar bhagyanirdharanera field artillery guns played a role. Firstly because Ibrahim Lodi force had no artillery. As well as the sound of loud cannon of Lodi Lodi troops hatiguloke elephants trampled as a result of the scare started.

Babar tuluguma the war and the new strategy araba use. By tuluguma refers to the entire army, as well as some sections of the right and left side. The front cover and left sides and rear is divided into sections. As a result, a small army of his opponents were able to surround on all sides. Then the central front part of the cart is placed araba. The rope is attached. The cannon was placed behind the car. Babur’s artillery unit becomes destructive of the two strategies. By bullock cart in front of the defense system kamanagulo tolerate any attack on the ships are capable of. Kamanagulora face ghuriye yetayuddhe easily invade the other side of the goal Ibrahim Lodi 15000 sainikasaha killed her. Bikramajitao ruler of Gwalior died in the war. The battle of Panipat was bhagyanirdharani. <span title=”তার ফলে বাবর মুঘল সাম্রাজ্যের প্রতিষ্ঠা করতে সক্ষম হন।

“>As a result of the Mughal dynasty, Babur was able to establish.

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