You are reading the same content on your mantabyatio Place. The author is not over. To establish any type of personal attack on anyone in any way, but it has rarely been possible to blog on behalf of dozens of harmful. As a result of these attacks, and a lot of that kind of like a blog writer is denied. So let us refrain from personal attacks and members of blogs and social media allowing us think paribareri. <span title=”একটি ভাল মানের ব্লগ পরিবার বানানোর প্রচেষ্টা কেবল আপনার আমার মন্তব্য ও লেখার মধ্যমেই প্রতিষ্ঠ হতে পারে।

“>The effort to create a good quality blog of my comments in writing madhyamei can be established.

Why Nothing personal attacks
The authors write in their villages and towns in several communities and cities in the region with a lot of news and information on different types of text ad or post tatanagada today is a lot of information update. The incident occurred in the city, with many being able to know the mass media in the blog and social networking site for little. He does not neglect these social networking should be to them our gratitude. New bloggers or writers that are written today, maybe they samajikamadhyamagulote’re doing something wrong, and many of the mistakes that we have seen a lot of personal attacks during the run, which actually is not at all subhaniya. We have forgotten why people today who are doing wrong, they err thiki sansodhane themselves will one day at a time and can be seen in their writings that their philosophies. Therefore, personal attacks, and that the Quran is an evil thing to do and it is harmful for both a writer or blogger So if you make a mistake and not a personal attack on him, he should be given the opportunity to learn or understanding. And that’s why a man will not make a mistake because they learn from the mistakes of habetabei to encourage a change in the way of a good blogger will be served.
One thing that we have to get angry blogs and personal attacks against the US interest, and at the same time, the blog or a social media environment that destroys the development process. So let’s not personal attacks.