We have received your letter anupama
Post your broken hand
It does not lie in waiting to see
We have the inside of the chest
<span title=”সে পত্র একরাশ কষ্টের ফ্রেমে বাঁধায় ।

“>The flurry hardship letter bamdhaya frame.

Write something that does not seem to be in response to the letter.
What is it that can not find or lekhaba.
Yet only a little further north have been able to
Do you take the view that the chest
<span title=”বহু কষ্টের পাথর ।

“>Many stone pain.

Let alone painful thorns Baluchar
None of the chest
You’ll know you are not alone
That way you’re alive
<span title=”আমি যে আছি সে একই দুখে ।

“>I’m sadly the same.

That does not count the days kamte
Speaks mobailaphone
Some are cool
Sadly, he heard two of your mouth.