Jesus, Mary, he is known as the New Testament, Jesus was also a prophet of Islam and the religion of Allah and the Prophet delivered kumarigarbhe Jesus as the Messiah of Christianity and Islam sbikrtayisu or a belief in common. According to the power of the Virgin Mary or Jesus miraculously all circumstances, Jesus was conceived. Khristamandalite in the second century AD The doctrine was publicly pratisthalabha. Ayanlikyanijama, the Church of the East, and Eastern arthodaksi, Oriental arthodaksi, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam, he was honored as the sbikrtakhristadharmera like a prophet, but Islam does not recognize the fact of his crucifixion. It is said to be crucified for the carrier to take him into the house and immediately took him to the top of the carrier as a result of the similar appearance of the face of Jesus Christ was crucified as the carrier.

Islam says that Jesus is alive today in the Paradise and the resurrection of Jesus after the advent of the Messiah Dajjal is a disciple or follower of the Prophet Muhammad as a man will come down to earth again. He will kill Dajjal. He will take over all the earth, and will establish peace on earth and good governance. Finally he mrtyubarana as an ordinary man, and will be buried next to the grave of Muhammad. For this reason, beside the grave of her burial place of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina had been prepared, which are still the two most common khristanadera believe that Jesus is the incarnation of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus karenaastadasa century before the Enlightenment theology nobody except for some minor exceptional example of the community are serious about this doctrine did not question.The door, St. Catherine Monastery, Mount Sinai, the twelfth century
The Gospel according to Matthew and Luke, authoritative influence of the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary conceived the circumstances. The common belief in the gospel later in accordance with the doctrine of Mary’s pregnancy and the recent sexual intercourse or ejaculation was no need for the biological father of the influence of the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary the mother of Jesus, or isanabi came.Piyetro kyabhalini made mosaic, trastebhara in Santa Maria, Rome, 1291
Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared sumpasta Quran has been reported. Quran, Jesus, Jesus (peace be upon him) and has been referred to as Mary, Mary. Muslims believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) Christians, Jesus is God or the Prophet prerati man. He is Jesus, son of Mary, the Qur’an matrparicaye referred to as Isa ibn Maryam. Isa ibn Maryam This name has been used repeatedly in the Qur’an.