Rulers of the Bengali Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Since 1717 until 1757, they have the responsibility as the head of the sovereign himself. The post was created from the Mughal period and parabertite purusanukramikabhabe Nazim and Subedar sasana they were independently related areas. Ud-Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal in the Battle of Plassey, was deceived by treachery. He was defeated by the British in 1757, who acquired Bengali Mir Jafar was deposed and a political system introduced.
In 1765, the British government was instituted under the nawabs sasana and British puppets were used. In 1772 abolished the provision sasana action is taken under direct British rule.

In 1793, the royal governor Nizamat the right to withdraw from the British East India Company when they were just a little pension benefits. Nawab Mansur Ali Khan, the last 1st November 1880 for his eldest son, resigned from power.

After the resignation of Mansur Ali Khan Bahadur Nawab of Murshidabad Murshidabad nawab and the Nawab of Bengal was known as the Nawab of Bengal in 1880, the title was abolished. At that time, the collection of revenue in many cases they are too small or do not have authority to refrain from use of force, and they were hardly.

After India’s independence in 1947, states were badhyabadhakata to be part of India or Pakistan. It may be noted that marsidabada capital city for two days because it was part of East Pakistan Muslim majority. August 17, 1947, it was incorporated into India. Hajaraduyari Palace Indian tricolor flags were hoisted down to the flag of Pakistan. After being absorbed into India, because the Indian government has curtailed the ability of these states had Powered by all states.

In 1969, the last Nawab Waris Ali Mirza, along with nababa upadhitio gradually become extinct. Although he had three sons and three daughters, but not before his death due to announce a successor of Nawab upadhitio ended here.

The following list is a list of the Nawab of Bengal. Sarfaraz Khan and Mir Muhammad Zafar Ali Khan Bahadur Nawab was twice.

Murshid Quli Khan’s reign began in 1717 and the trend in 1881, with the trend Mansur Ali Khan became extinct. Down the list and pictures of the royal Bengal are as follows:


Bahadur Zafar Khan Nasiri

Ala-ud-Din Haider rust

J oyalla

Itimaduddaula ud-Daulah


J pheraduna

Hashim ud-Daulah


Azad ud-Daulah


Mubarak ud-Daulah

Zafar Ali Khan Bahadur

Ali J

Humayun J


Nababa the title in 1880 after the abolition in 1881 of the nababa post was abolished. Later, the title of Nawab of Murshidabad was introduced. Nawab of Murshidabad were three pictures below and be on their list.
Nawab of Murshidabad list and photos, see:


Ali Kadir


Race ud-Daulah

The next phase, from all that I have lived ud-Daulah, the Nawab Nawab of each genus to write about life.
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