Each reading along, we more or less middle-class family in the modern era of mechanical use the computer. The use of computers with Internet access have saparicalita. The computer connected to the Internet and the social networks Facebook, blogs, email, Gmail, hoyatasapa, with Yahoo will not be what it is. In this modern era of computer Internet ayaktibhisana
There are very few people who can be found,
.However, the computer net, but we can not use them properly. We have seen computers
I hope this article will be useful. The sarteo who will say they can not write personal blogs, personal music blog if you want to open, such as in the case of a Gmail and Yahoo! ID bisesa exempt from the blog if you want to open the Google blog site to your Yahoo! ID .or se is not the case just a Gmail ID are exempt from the course will be open open to the Gmail ID.

Those who do not know they are out in the opening of personal blog sites.
And in this case, are exempt from a Gmail ID.
Click here to open Gmail ID.

Then open your Gmail ID, then you will end up on Google’s blog, click here to open bloger .

 Then click on the page after the clean up after you see there is a new blog here
After such a page will appear on your computer
After you click on the new post or news post will then see a page like below
After you place the title of the blog is to write your blog’s title and write down the details, then what you want to write can write or publish pabalisa lekha the end of the post or publish your blog post, click on the diameter.
After all, if you want your blog or writing can share via social networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter, also has several sites can share.

Then, if you want your blog site templates for various types of Inter lowered the net from your blog hitamela htmal
Ayadita can. Hitamila ayadita the rule is when you copy the template namabena later hitamila hitamila ayadita your blog template, click the bottom of the field that will be copied to the diameter of the paste was hitamela ayadita your template.

From here you can choose your mind, click the blog’s template.

Another issue, however, if your site is written in English and published in the sigrahai If you’re lucky if you can get some income from Google AdSense on your blog that will.