There was a powerful god of ancient Greek Titan puranera. The god was just to create jobs. Titanic was a ship named after him. It is a short name of the ship. The full name of the ship Titanic, and MS. MS means the Royal Mail steamer. That was the name of the ship of the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic.
Titanic shipyard began construction in 1907 AD. They have been working continuously for about five years and 191 AD, was done to create the Titanic ship. The company White Star Line, the ship was built in Holland. 60 thousand tons in weight and 75 meters in length with a ship costs about 75 million dollars to build, then it was time.
The ship traveled to New York on April 10 in the first 191 began. The ship ride was around 2200 passengers and hundreds of activists. Only four feet at the SSC was able to avoid collisions with ships of New York. 77 nautical miles ahead of the 74 passengers took seraburga. April 11 at 11 pm at night boarded the ship from the harbor in Ireland, Cork and seven in the second class, 113 third-class passengers. Across the Atlantic Ocean from Britain to the United States was too dangerous. I have to say on behalf of the ship to make the journey in the minor lives. I was always afraid of the storm surge of Hurricane suddenly. However, such a large number of passengers traveling to enjoy the adventure of the Titanic was a passenger. Titanic was first class fare of $ 3100. The third group was hired for $ 3.
Estimated pm on April 14, when the name of a ship from America just as bad as when the news came over the radio krtapaksera their route in front of the Titanic, the ship has a large Iceburg, Johanesburg. Not only that, another ship of the same name as another mesaba news and warnings in radio communication dayetba Quran Titanic Jack and Harold pilipasa bridge. But both of them to the bridge dayatbakari Jack and Harold pilipasa warning was unnecessary. Two of these warnings so they could reach the Titanic’s original niyantranakendre. The ship’s radio operator aboard the Titanic disaster, 40 minutes before the call kalipharaniana Iceburg, Johanesburg wanted to talk about, but tired of the Titanic radio operator Jack pilipasa angry with the way I race in Cape busy and cut the line. As a result, the Californian radio operator sipera oyarlesa goes off to sleep. I have to say because they have already sunken Titanic heyalipanara. The earth moves around the Titanic accident. Iceburg, Johanesburg of the signal in the presence of the captain of the ship. Iceburg, Johanesburg to be floating in the ocean all baraphakhanda large. He took back the ship’s speed slightly toward the south. At the time, watching the way the Titanic who disbelieved before Iceburg, Johanesburg see first-hand the Titanic, but he was too late. Titanic First Officer murdaka a sudden left turn and ship the order to stop the run or the opposite. But it was not coming out. The ship then continues to eat rub the extreme right with Iceburg, Johanesburg. As a result, the Titanic is about 90 meters across the fracture occurs. So taitanikake and could not save.

The name of the place where the ship was the Titanic of the Great Banks of Newfoundland dubechila. Titanic could have swept the top four with a single compartment. 5 compartment, but it was full of water. In addition, the gate was 1 for water resistance. What a cruel irony of fate that takes place all over the ship out of the gate to prevent water. Titanic is to go slowly submerged under water.
Titanic’s first class passengers, as well as the luxurious dining room where about 550 people could eat
When the Titanic went across the sea just 10 minutes to one hour and 40 minutes later, at 4 pm, there is a ship named The karapathiya. Who walked away across the sea to retrieve them at eight o’clock in the morning and goes to New York. 73 years later, in 1985, began a long search for a group of scientists machine. Robert balarda the French scientist who finds taitanikake. In 1985, the idea of the position is available. Anasinkebala Titanic 600 feet below the sea level of 1 is fixed at the bottom of the Atlantic. The ship is split in two pieces: 1970 feet away. Titanic ocean front and 60 feet deep rooted. On 14 July 1986 a group of gabhesaka drrgha 74 years after the Titanic was punarayaabiskrta.