1. There is no country in the light of the moon prrasnah?
    Answer: The moon is in the light of the moon.
    II. Q: Which country has just seen the light of the sun?
    A: Only in the land of the moon can be seen in the light of the sun.
    3. Q: Who is the war racita music?
    Kazi Nazrul Islam music racita of the war .
    4. Our Language Day in any month of the date?
    Answer: In our country on February 1 st month of February 1 Language Day.
    5. What is the date of Independence Day of our country?
    Answer: In our country, March 6, the date of Independence Day on March 6.
    6amadera the date of the Victory Day in the country  ?
    Answer: In our country, December 16, December 16, the date of the Great Victory Day.
    7. Language What is a martyr?
    A: In 195 who died in the language movement martyrs in their language is called.
    8. What is the name of the ancient city?
    Answer: the ancient name of Jahangir Nagar.
    9. Located on the banks of a river in Dhaka?
    Located on the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka
    10. What is the name of the five rivers of Bangladesh?
    Answer: Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Surma, Karnafuli.
    11prathama the date on which the currency is introduced ?
    Answer: The first coin was introduced on March 1, 197.
    1. What is the national symbol?
    National symbol surrounded by rice ears on both sides of the water lily floating in the water, folding the top three leaves of the plant are connected to each other and on both sides of a total of two four star.
  2. What is the name of the War of Independence?

Answer: The name of the War of Liberation War.
14. How long will the war last?

Answer: The war lasted for nine months.
15. Who was the supreme commander of the Liberation War?
Answer: The Great War was the Chief of General Ataul Gani Osmani.

  1. Sekhamujibara Rahman at Bangabandhu struggled on how to speech?
    Answer: CIT sekhamujibara Rahman on March 7, 1971, speech to the fighters.
    17. What was the title for his valor in the war?
    Answer: for his valor in the War of Liberation, “Shrestha, Bir, Bir Uttam, Bikram and Bir Pratik,” was the title.
    When 18ke first declared independence?
    Answer: sekhamujibara Rahman at Bangabandhu on March 6, 1971 at midnight, and the next day, Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence on behalf of sekhamujibara Rahman.
    19. Where is the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial?
    Answer: It is located at Mirpur Martyred Intellectuals Memorial