Some of the questions that come to mind my son Haradhanera 10. No one will ever answer. Let’s read them carefully before you rhyme.
Part of the answer to his question.

Charah Haradhanera 10 boys

Haradhanera 10 boys
Paramaya moves,
Where were lost in a
9 was left.

Haradhanera 9 boys
Went to cut wood,
Conclude with a final cut is a
8 were left.

Haradhanera 8 boys
Sat to eat rice,
A body burst open
7 the rest of the left.

Haradhanera 7 boys
The pond,
A submerged stools setha
6 was left.
Haradhanera 6 boys
Carate the tree,
A mala woof slide
5. were left.

5 of Haradhanera
The forest edge,
The stomach of a tiger
4. left there.

Haradhanera 4 boys
Dhina dance, dhina,
A mala fall down
3 was left.

Haradhanera 3 boys
Rui was caught,
Boal is a game fish
The remainder was.
Two sons Haradhanera
Kill the frog,
A mala snake poison
1 was left.

Haradhanera 1 boy
Bheu bheu cry,
Sadness was in the forest
There was no one else.

The question of the end of the paragraph rhyme.
According to the 10 sons of the Haradhanera
9 in each of the 10’s is dead. No one was left alive on the cross gave the forest sadness. Byacara Haradhon very unfortunate, because in the 10’s could not house a son.
Let it come now to the little rhyme in real life.
Well, let’s say I have three sons and one of their five years of age and an age of three years and one year of age. I was born when I was younger, when I went to make my family happy by suggesting intelligence is both stri I took no steps to ensure that the lives of our children.
Since the turn of events of the year for each of my three boys died as Haradhanera. After that we were losing a child. And that is why we have taken such action, and the parents can not be a fair question then will be what is fair parents will kaiya digit?
I was not the arrangement, though some say she is going to read the rhymes Haradhanera durabhagadera was remembered.