How many people were sentenced to death in the Middle Ages that killed dangerously. Went beyond the level of brutality that was so brutal killing methods. And then the words of the killings or the fact that the human body shuddering othabe hearing.
A time in the history of the European Middle Ages. 476 And since the Middle Ages until 1493, but the catch is meant to the world in the 476 to 800 since the Middle Ages. Carlimyagni had ascended the throne at that time. In 774 he became king of Italy. The brutal manner of death in the Middle Ages killed hatoh
Crucify death
Jesus Christ crucified to death for murder by following the steps in this process are prevalent. His feet were nailed to a cross in prison. The prisoners were allowed to leave open space. The prisoners would die of bleeding. Do not bleed to death, but he died of hunger and thirst. Others died of severe freeze.
Skin death
In this manner, he died in prison before the execution skin would suffer serious. Gradually, the whole body alive prisoners were taken from the skin. Sometimes mixed with salt to increase the open space would be trouble. It is another to publicly universal method of execution. As punishment for stealing and adultery to death by organ-pratyangabicchinna this punishment was introduced. The punishment was handed England. Always part of the body with a sharp knife to cut each were killed.
Catherine Wheel
Catherine wheel of a person sentenced to death in this manner were tied tightly with wheels. Then the wheels were rotated too loud. The strap hanger Rolling person’s body or with a stick to smack there. Then the executioner’s death were hammered nails, hands and feet. Hanger was again hit with the whip and the stick. Then nail the person in the center of the town hanged in public so that everyone can see the cruelty.
Crucified ride mrtyudanta
Mrtyudantera ride on the cross bar on the way to putting a pointy prisoners were bound hand and foot. Prisoner in his own body weight was slowly downwards. Poles are not a lot of pointy heads were kept in order to blunt the heart or other major organs were pierced die soon. The criminals were more trouble. At the time of the death of the man’s death on the cross, the two-time lagatoprathama pour the history of the ancient Near East. Rajadrohidera death on the cross was the ride. King Darius of Persia conquered Babylon after the nearly 3 thousand byabilanabasike cariyechilena crucified. Put on the infamous death on the cross for the kingdom of the ancient Roman Empire oyalesiya Prince Vlad III, Dracula called.
Legs crushed to death by elephant
Mrtyadanda of elephant legs crushed to death, but this method is not very far any of the conventional methods. Rather it developed in South East Asia. The death of the head of the giant elephant with her legs were smashed. In some cases, the elephants were trained so he can slowly increase the pressure on the leg. Max suffered death, so that the person killed in this manner, the first prisoner on death samayapuriye, then the thighs, lower abdomen, chest, neck and head, and finally the fire was. Until the death of a prisoner who had suffered endless. Arkake of the young man were killed in this manner. Joyanaabaarka
Born in eastern France, a small farmer’s rare for a young French army gave the war. France won their land being occupied by his leadership. He was the seventh Charles ksamatarohanera behind indirect role. Even so, he brought honor to the country and arrested bargunadiyanara sold to the English. There is a Christian, burning him in court. She was just 19 years old. He was killed on 30 May 1431. 4 years after his death, Charles VII was set up at the initiative of Pope Innocent III Calixtus his punartadante Joan. He is a martyr.
Cut to death
Before this system was introduced to cut down the death penalty in Europe, including the Asian deseseksetre mrtyadandaprapta naked man opposite had to be chained by two legs on either side of the gap. Mrtyadandaprapta then saw the body in the middle along with the person’s genitals were cut off. Due to the person’s head and hang upside down, so he would have enough blood to the body through a cut along the entire can experience pain. Cutting is an important part of the prisoners were alive.
Ling Chi death
Ling Chi execution method was introduced in China. Man sentenced to death in this manner would be restricted to the locality. Then a special hanger with a knife to the man’s body would separate organs gradually. For a long time, so that the person suffered more pain.
Brazen bull
Another method of execution was terrible bull brazen manner. The system was first introduced in Sicily dictator. He was counselor of the metal karukaryakara priliyasa. This would have made a much bigger bull by metal. Man sentenced to death in the belly of the bull into the fire from the outside was below the belly. The person inside the bull is not directly burnt in the fire scorched by the heat of the fire was red. It was built in such a way so that the person inside the burning bull screams and shouting seemed like bull. The burning of the bull nose burns, smoke came out.
Boiled to death
Kill the prisoners boiled to death in a water filled the pot with water heated by a fire underneath the pot hatotarapara slowly boiling water and boil until the death of the prisoners were hatoara. This dreadful tragedy execution method was introduced in the UK until 1500 AD.
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