Blog English Bengali synonym of the word blog, which is creating a kind of personal diary or personalized magazines. Blog is short for Weblog English word again. He is usually called bloggers who posted the blog. Bloggers constantly adding content to their website, and users can comment on them, or that there is a statement of what he was writing abimata. Moreover, in recent years, blogs are becoming a medium freelance journalism. Recent events in one or more of the blogger said it was regularly updated.
Most blogs or news on a particular bisayasamparkita chronicling the others are a little more heavily in the online diaries / Online dinalipisamuha. A regular blog, pictures, other blogs, web pages, and other media links Hereby combination / sum. Most of the blog readers mithaskriyamaya chace to comment on an important aspect of the facility. Some blogs are strewn about the article emphasizes the art galleries blog, and many of whom we know to be generally in the photoblog photo blog. On the other hand, the music emapithriblaga video blogging, podcasting, and audio to create on such a variety of popular blogs programina. Arekadharanera blogging, microblogging, posts small is too tight. Since December of 007 million times as a blog khomjaru engine tekanoratti nearly eleven million blogs and online diaries tracing the history of blagim got the word weblog joma burgers salae December 17, 1997, the first use. The word blog is a small version of Peter meraholaja fun in the sidebar of his blog pitaramekama in April or May of 1999 broke the word weblog to weblog Wei wrote a blog as we blog. Right after her, Evan Williams at Pyra Labs blog, the term began to be used as both a noun and verb means to someone else’s blog or someone else’s weblog weblog editing and writing with respect to the product Pyra Labs Blogger bloggers use the term popularized the term.

Various groups of the digital blogging was popular before the Usenet Usenet, Ginny was GEnie, biksa BiX commercial online services like CompuServe E-mail Lists kampusarbha more than the old BBS Bulletin Board Systems at .1990 Internet forum software threads run through the conversation system began. Thread is a temporary connection between the messages on the virtual karkaborda samastiadhunika blog evolved from online diaries where people kept details of their personal life, or, to be more easily taken place in their lives each day as a diary or diary was coitus. Most people would say the same kind or jumalarasa dayeristasa Journalists. While studying at Swarthmore College in 1994 made a personal blogging as a blogger Justin Hall, who is considered one of the most original is considered as Jerry pumela else. Dave Winer’s Scripting News is also the greatest days old and had a reputation as a weblog or have to be turned on.

At first it was just a common website of blogs make a better instrument. Conversely, however, the time to write articles posted on our website and are easy to care for the evolving publishing kausalaguloi system has reached a major population. And it is not technology that makes things quite easy-to-use technology kalakausalirai. Finally, the different types of systems to develop an online publication that is known to us today as they look to create blogs serakamata. For example, some browser-based software is now a nitantui common blog. Blogs are scheduled to host the blog hosting service, they also run using blog software, or on regular web hosting services yayakichu outdated bloggers, such as when you started blogging at the misyanathropika Beach in 1997, they gave the name of their online presence Zine zine. Technically, today’s common usage of the word in the name of the blog still has not come.
Blogging platform to create

Blogging websites and applications that can be made through a blog, these are called blogging platform. Some of the most popular blogging platform, Google’s Blogger, WordPress, Technorati, the blog dot com, hopablaga wildlife.
What increased popularity
Despite a slow start, blogging rapidly gained popularity. Blog since 1999, and its use is growing. Some of the early emergence of modern behavior around blog tools are more popular:
• 1998 Open Diary Bruce Ableson In shift, it gave birth to thousands of online diaries. Open Diary of reader comments, the author of the first blog community where readers could comment on the blog entry.
• 1999-Brad Fitzpatrick started LiveJournal in March.
• July, 1999 at the Andrew smelasa leaves a message on a website, as well as having the option of pitasakama gave birth, after September, 1999, comes in dayerilyanda, where emphasis is put on personal dinapatrimulaka community. Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan founded Pyra Labs Blogger August, 1999. It was bought by Google in February 003.
Social Blog
Social blog is where many Internet users a platform built on their feedback and writings.

It was founded in 005 began as a popular Bengali blog sites or blogs Somewhere In abara Apparently we say that some are in love, or call Apparently the favorite Somewhere in the blog. Samui was established for the first time in Bangladesh Bengali-speaking people in the world’s largest public blogs or blogging saitaajakera this blagadete favorite
Ferdous Ara Begum Syeda gulasana know that among our brother, sister and her husband arilda klokkerahauga a platform for gift giving thanks and gratitude are much my dear. Hasin Hayder’s brother, was the first programmer to use this site Bengali English keyboard is a phonetic writing program was discovered. Kalakausaladera and all the brothers and sisters of this site, including bloggers from the 7th Bengali author of this text was blogged greetings