Sima wanted the money to his father! Give Dad the money! Dad said what money? Sima said! I will pay for Eid shopping.
Well, the father said, and money! Well-prong Sima’s father said you
I give money to parents after a while simake carahajara gave money. Sima said many parents who do not give it to me. Dad said do you mean?
So how do you take? Sima said ponera I need the money. You’re the mother of my father’s question with so much money is that? Dad, I’ll answer the same lines kenakamta Eid. There’s the question of your own Eid kenakamta ponera to take the money? Yes, take the girl’s father Sima.
Simake’s father said to me. Sima said, where are you?
Dad said that when you ought to go.
Sima’s father’s house to the outside.
Riksaoyalake father came out of the room got up and said in a rickshaw to the station.
Sima rickshaw to the station and the father ekatarela
The parents of the children in the orphanage and took some simake
Takatebalalena side. They looked at Sima
Simake father said some prayers Hello? Sima’s father said,
Dad does not. Dad said that you ponerahajara
Caili money for your own festival kenakamtara
Look at the three of them, two hundred taka money like there is no money to buy ekatajama. Nothing babarakathaya
Sima said nothing. Sima and father went home from there. Sima’s father understood the anger. So the father went home and took the money from home simake ponera.
Sima’s time to take the money from his father’s hand, looked at the face of the father’s face is different. Sima daratepareni so long in front of his father.
Sima went out from home. Sima afternoon and evening phone number of his father’s heart
Dad, where are you? I said to Dad’s house.
Why? Sima said there is a need. So Sima line
Ketedilo. Sima talk to my father realized his bad heart. Sima said that her father’s house to go to. Where’s the question? I said Sima
Tarapara parents to go out to where you can take a rickshaw was there. I went to an orphanage in front of his father Sima.
The seamer also had other friends.
Sima said his father could kichubujhate father?
Dad said not seamers. Sima said the boy Got it here
These are the girls you see all the orphans.
Their parents have no one from you
I took the money ponera of the money, and some of my other friends has paid all of the money along with the orphaned children to buy clothes, thanks to this year’s festival. Your sons and daughters, as well as the railway station kaparakine thanks for the shirt.
We are parents too and that etimakhanata friend 4/5
The drive. We do sabakharaca father. On hearing his father’s eyes began to water lines. My heart was filled with pride seamers father simake Murray said. The father said he had prayed simadera Sima’s mother, I pray that ye
From the side of the poor and fatherless children are always well ebabe paricha sahayyakarate.