Mir Jafar Ali Khan

Mir Jafar, whose full name was Mir Jafar Ali Khan, the Nawab of Bengal, was one of the traitors. Sirajuddaula Mir Jafar was a court. He was the chief Nawab Siraj Ud Daulah. Sirajuddaula alibarddi Nawab Khan, the grandson of Nawab Mir Jafar became increasingly frustrated. Though he never Sirajuddaula chief Nawab could not accept. He always wanted to decline the Nawab of Bengal. But he was betrayed by Robert Clive of the British East India Company, he was engaged in a conspiracy Sirajuddaula was defeated by the British in the Battle of Plassey in his cause. 

“>After the war, the East India Company was holding the helm of the Nawab Mir Jafar.

3 June 1757 at the mango orchard of Plassey, Bihar and Orissa in Bengali and English beniyadera with combat troops, the last independent Nawab Siraj. In this war, fighting to defend the independence of the Nawab Mir Jafar Ali Khan, chief of the traitors. He was accompanied by Mir Madan and Mohanlal. Mir Madan and Mohanlal bikrame heroes fought against the British were defeated. He stood quietly in the field and its allies from the army chief, Mir Jafar Ali Khan, cunning tradesman Lord Clive, the British gave the power in the hands of the regime. Orissa and Bihar, the last independent Nawab, was defeated Bengali sirajuddaula. With the help of a handful of traitors British rulers in Bengal and around two hundred years to build the country’s ability to govern the British rule. 

“>Since then the name of the treachery of Mir Jafar has been identified as a metaphor.

Mohammed Nawab Mir Qasim Ali Khan

Mohammed Nawab Mir Qasim Ali Khan
Mir Muhammad Qasim Ali Khan, from 1760 until 1763, was the Nawab of Bengal.

Nawab Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey East India Company Mir Qasim overthrew ascend to power.

Nazim Uddin Ali Khan, who was known as Nazim-ud-Daulah.
Nazim Uddin Ali Khan Nazim-ud-Daulah or Najam-ud-Daula, who was known as. From 1765 until 1766 he was Bengali, Bihar, Orissa was a Nawab. He was the second son of Mir Jafar. Nazim-ud-Daulah was crowned after the death of his father, Mir Jafar. His coronation was only 15 years old. 

On 5 February 1765, he ascended the throne.

In 1765, the British won the Battle of Buxar, Bihar and orisyaya As a result, Bengali and Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II formally from the post for a civil state sasanera gain. September 30, 1765 at the ceremony was given by the British civil.
Nizamuddin at a party given in honor of Robert Clive of Murshidabad fortress fever on May 8, 1766, and died. He inherited Jafarganj Cemetery was buried and his younger brother became najabuta Ali Khan Nawab.
After the death of Mir Jafar Najam-ud-Daulah nazimuddin Shuja-ul-term Muluk hero of the Battle of the state’s STAR Mahabat bibhisika Jung took the title at the age of 15 in 1765, ascended the throne on February 5. 3 February 1765, the British East India Company was approved. He is to spend some money for this, and it is distributed among the members of the Calcutta Council.
Nazimuddin died on 8 May 1766. Prior to a party given in honor of Robert Clive, he suffered a fever. Jafarganj the west side of the cemetery are buried near the tomb of his father, Mir Jafar. He was childless. Najabuta his younger brother Ali Khan Mohammad was ruled according to the law.

Nawab Ali Khan najabuta
Najabuta Mir Sayyid Ali Khan Bahadur janmanama phulaoyari. He Nazimuddin Nazim Nawab Ali Khan in 1766 after the death of his elder brother, Bihar and Orissa Bengali and ascended the throne as the Nawab. Saif Ali Khan, known as najabuta ud Daulah. He was the third son of Munni Begum and Mir Jafar. Heir to the throne was only 17 years old at the time. 

He renounced the throne under the supervision of his mother and died of smallpox in the 10th March 1770.

Ashraf Nawab Ali Khan
Ashraf Ali Khan was a freedom fighter in Bangladesh’s war of independence. For his bravery in the war of independence Bangladesh government conferred on him heroic symbol.
Ashraf Ali Khan’s home district of Mymensingh district cattigrame Iswarganj. His father’s name and mother’s name was Mary mojahedi Abdul Momin Khan Khatun. Jibunnahara his wife’s name. The couple had three sons.
Ashraf Ali Khan was the first soldier of the East Bengal Regiment. March 30, 1971, was attacked Jessore Cantonment. Then they went out to meet caugachaya joined the Liberation War. 

“>In addition, he gauripur Sylhet upazilas of Kurigram district raumari kodalakati Kamalpur took part in the war.

Ashraf Ali Khan’s role in the War of Liberation
Twenty Kanaighat area in November 1971, and its southern shore near the Surma river gauripur. The US took a vanguard fighters. This team was a freedom fighter. Ashraf Ali Khan. Heavy machine gun on the side of the run. 31 Punjab Regiment of the Pakistan Army was Kanaighat Alpha Company. Gauripure they suddenly leave their fighters attacked the defense positions. This surprise attack fighters became very delicate position. The freedom with courage and determination to overcome the initial disaster continues to resist the attack of the Pakistanis. Intense sound of firing all around. Scream and shout. Ashraf Ali Khan is fighting with heroic. Sometimes watching the scene comrades killed and wounded. Gradually increase the number of casualties is freedom. At one stage, Alpha Company’s commander, Capt them was martyred. If you’ve been killed Lieutenant Commander Capt Liaquat responsibilities. He was shot by the enemy. Ashraf Ali was seriously injured in firing by the enemy himself. Two bullet in his chest. Gauripure terrible battle was fought that day. With the loss of their freedom by ignoring Pakistan firmly resisted the attack until the end. The freedom to seek traditional encounter that they proved their strength and valor and the sacrifice. Rananaipunyera their courage and heroism that day ,, morale was forced to admit in Pakistan. Pakistanis flee from their kanaighat gauripur the defense position.

He received the title of hero symbol

Nawab of Bengal, some of whom gave the name of the genus, or I do not have any information right now acheni my hands.
() Babar Ali Khan Bahadur
() Zain Uddin Ali Khan Bahadur
() Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur

(*) Mubarak Ali Khan Bahadur

(*) Mansur Ali Khan Bahadur.

Nawab of Murshidabad ganah

(*) Khan Bahadur Hassan Ali Mirza

(*) Wasif Ali Mirza Khan Bahadur

(*) Waris Ali Mirza Khan Bahadur