The woman’s pregnancy problems can be seen below, they quickly go to the doctor.

1. Anemia: When the body is too weak or tired to think of anemia. Rapid blood test to know the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. For women who suffer from anemia, severe bleeding after childbirth they may be. For fish, meat, eggs, green vegetables and fruits to eat.
II. Abdominal pain: persistent pain in the lower abdomen in the first three months of pregnancy without having to consult a doctor immediately. If the embryo in the uterus to grow outside of the tubes can be such a pain. The pain is usually on one side of the abdomen. The vagina may be a little bleeding. Once the embryo is very large tubes can burst bleeding profusely. It’s too dangerous.
3. Vagina bleeding: in the first three months of pregnancy may be a little bleeding. It may be caused by a lot of normal. However, with little bleeding, abdominal pain without the need to understand the birth of the fetus outside the uterus in the tube. It’s too dangerous. Towards the end of pregnancy and placenta blood must understand that if you are having problems. Pregnant mother and child are in danger. So be quick to take the patient to the hospital.
4. Fever: body temperature is high, the body will have to consult a doctor if pain and headache.
5. Swollen hands and face: ankle and foot swelling during pregnancy is normal; But the hands and face phulale need to consider as a sign of blood poisoning. May be linked to severe headaches, abdominal pain, opaque eyes, jhimunibhaba. Blood pressure may be higher. So do not delay measures to be taken to hospital immediately.

NB: pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy without the supervision of a trained physician can get a good result.