Thalassemia is a hereditary disease and the gene (gene) carried. Thalassa thalassemia derived from the Greek word meaning sea. The disease is more common in areas adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. <span title=”তাই এর নাম থ্যালাসিমিয়া।

“>So the name of the thalassemia.

Parents receive the thalassemia children. The family has the disease, it carries the seed people from generation to generation. Parents of the children who entered it in the genes (gene) said. The children from the father and mother of this disease by taking a total of two rogabahita genes themselves became sick. Sometimes parents carry the disease without becoming ill. They are called disease-carrying or Carrier. The disease has no symptoms. However, they can spread the disease to their children. Keep in mind, it is not any infection or contagious disease. From one to the other food, drink, air, clothes, etc. do not spread through.
Hemoglobin is the blood disease thalassemia major is not made naturally. As a result of the work thimoglobinera kosaguloya be delivered oxygen and carbon dioxide out of the work is hampered in particular. All production of hemoglobin in the blood to the body’s blood work was delayed by the error. Himoglobinasaha red particles before their normal life is full of faulty destroyed. As a result, anemia, red blood cells, particularly the symptoms of anemia due to excessive ksayajanita (Hemolytic Anemia) can be seen in the disease.
There are different types of thalassemia. Ñ such as beta-thalassemia, alpha thalassemia, hemoglobin E, hemoglobin-S, hemoglobin C, hemoglobin D Punjab etc. Thalassemia is more common in South East Asian countries. The beta-thalassemia and hemoglobin E disorder is more common.
There are three types of beta-thalassemia (1) Beta-thalassemia major, (ii) Thalassemia Intermedia, and (3) beta-thalassemia minor. Beta thalassemia major are those whose parents are both carriers of beta-thalassemia. From an early age, they tend to suffer severe anemia. Symptoms of the disease usually occurs between the ages of eighteen months from the age of three months. Patient becomes pale. The patient’s appetite occurs. Vomiting after a meal. Can not sleep. The amount of hemoglobin in the blood of 3-5 grams or desilitare comes down. Jaundice may occur. Enlarged spleen and liver, and grow. Mongolian obvious change in appearance. They often for infection runny nose, cough and fever. In a nutshell, if the patient becomes pale and yellow, it looks smaller than age, is the flat nose and belly looks bigger if the disease is suspected. However, if treatment is done five or six years later, the child’s risk of loss. Such patients can survive up to 18 years of age by giving blood.
They were infected with beta thalassemia minor. Any parent who receives one gene from beta thalassemia. Beta-thalassemia minor or group of people is called beta thalassemia trait, they are carrying healthy (Healthy carrier). They have not seen no signs of disease. Is not a problem in their daily activities. They live normal. However, they may suffer a slight anemia. Their mental development was normal and adults at the right time. They can live a normal married. They are capable of producing children or dharane. However, 50 percent of their children are susceptible to this disease. They are just carriers of thalassemia minor. Bahika thalassemia gene carriers, or if someone who is married or who is a carrier of the gene is not bahika, Milne was born their children could be born, 50 percent healed.
The current treatment of the disease can not be cured completely. Patients with thalassemia need regular blood tests. The amount of hemoglobin in the blood of patients who rely on blood transfusions to desilitarera 9-10.5 grams or should be. Sometimes patients who need blood to the amount of hemoglobin in their blood will usually try to keep Decilitre 7 grams. The addition of these patients the treatment of bone marrow (Bone Marrow Transplantation) get a good result. Bangladesh has been recently added to the bone marrow.
The food is more than the amount of iron in the food, which foods to avoid. Associated with low iron diet of fish, Ruhi, Katla, pangasera, Boal, catfish, fish, etc. Sola said. Vegetable in the cabbage, sweet potato, bitter gourd, sweet, lady’s finger, radish, turnip, kamcakala, gourd, ripe tomatoes, rice, and pumpkin. In ripe fruits, mango, litchi, guava, banana, ripe papaya, oranges, apples, Bell, myrobalan, grapes and so on. Honey, milk, daio can eat on a regular basis. Rice, flour, bread and lentil dishes branches will be put on the list.
Prevention of thalassemia blood test before marriage is important. Pre-netala before the disease can be identified by dayaganosimera. The carriers they will not ever marry another carrier. This can be used to prevent the birth of children affected by thalassemia.
If anyone wants to take homeopathic medicine with modern treatment, as well as skilled and qualified medical treatment will take. <span title=”বাণিজ্যিক প্রচারকদের কাছে না যাওয়াই ভালো।

“>Commercial preachers not to go near it.

The writer is Executive Director, Bangladesh Homeopathic Cancer Society. Mobile: 01712817144