I agree that the first thing on our mind comes to tesana train station, where the train, and the passengers wait for the train. So in the case of the bus. But a little different from the Space Station. In that sense, the spacecraft to the space station, but was not going to do anything dharerai.

Space Station is essentially a huge spaceship. I say it again satellites, which orbit above the earth’s orbit around the earth is 0 miles. Some of these spacecraft, astronomers lived in a particular time and space related research.These studies basically a US government ejensi aeronautical eyanda National Space Administration NASA whom the name of short chain, they are conducted.

The main objective of this research is to know better the heavens.

Part of a series of space stations. In 1998, a piece of Russian rocket into space, the first space station was taken. The first space station are beginning to deploy it. After nearly two years across the various pieces with it is not suitable for people to live and to work. But it takes work fully until the end of 011.

Now, how big is the space station, they can not be taken all at once? Normally Space Station is pretty great. Almost a five-bedroom house is big! The two bathrooms, gymnasium as large as it may be, so big! But it just is not meant to be teo the space station, laboratories, equipment, etc. that the whole thing is actually full of a football field is samanai. A station in the laboratory is not just a country. Some countries have several laboratory. All together weigh nearly a million pounds of space station.

The size is so big that it comes from the idea of the power station can run? Only he will be able to provide power to run such a big station, which is not afraid of his power is limitless, and it was over. That’s right, the space station’s solar power supply.Duipase station, which is fitted with two wing-like solar panel wings that seem to actually set these solar cells.

Organized so that the space station is set up, it is certainly now want to know what they are doing? NASA has used three types of space stations. One of the passengers space to live in. 6 passengers at a station that one can live in space. Two, even though their
According to passenger space, but they are no ordinary passengers. They live in space, which space scientists who’ve been studying laboratory space that can not be studied from the earth. The third and most important reason for having more space, NASA wants to send people deeper into the unknown portion of the sense of space. The sense of space stations can not wait for the people who live here, but they are a communication bridge between the world of the unknown space, and has been working with one click pratiniyataekhane

Space chance to ride free photos
It looks like they’re making room for having a mahakasa travel may not be for you. If you could travel into space, but at least your picture, more or less what! US space agency NASA for people who bhramanecchu is a privilege. However, if anyone wants NASA ‘Face in Space “program allows you to send images own space.
NASA Space travel has left the two flights carrying one will be taken and sent to NASA’s portrate. And, asked for photo enthusiasts to nasai.
Or make a new website for NASA. After entering the site to go to any particular flight (send photos), it intends to select. Two of the Discovery space flight will be in November this year, septe ^ rays and inadobhara.
You must select one of the flight for sending your pictures.

More However, one can also send pictures without the name. After successful completion of the flight on NASA’s part of a mission NASA will sanadao.

However, nearly 30 thousand people so far NASA has sent us their pictures.

Space Navigator Space Navigator nabhocarira Chinese spacecraft entered the spacecraft entered the Chinese nabhocarira
This is China’s first space traveler nabhocari three other spacecraft entered. Chinese state television showed live footage, tiyanagam-one in the name of spacecraft, including women dressed in blue nabhocari after entering the Chinese are waving salute. China nabhocaribahi senajhu-Nine rocket launch into space on Saturday sent three nabhocarike.
The 33-year-old woman serving in the army, Major Lee Yang in the last two years have been trained for space travel.
15-cubic-meter cabin is tiyanagam spacecraft was launched into space in September last year. Eight and a half tons of spacecraft in Earth orbit for 263 days. Tiyanagam spacecraft docking with senajhura automatic connection to or a little less than three hours it took to make. This is the first spacecraft to connect with any spacecraft manusabahi ghatalo China.
After six days of trying to manually connect to the trip. If successful, this can be understood in China to build space stations and space stations capable of carrying goods to and can nabhocari.
China plans to build a space station in the next ২0২0. US space agency NASA’s International Space Station or the former Russian Mir station as the position of the station in a few months can nabhocarira. As part of the implementation of the plan of the three nabhocarike China sent into space. China sent into space for the first time in 003 manusabahi go.

Moon was not a good day for a long time. This means that it is not just the moon, the moon is in the interest of the people. In 1969, he set foot on the moon before and after the American invasion of the Earth’s closest celestial object did not receive much attention. But the picture is changing. However, the expensive campaign on behalf of the United States is no longer possible. As a result, private companies introducing edition. They are going to open the alignment of the moon settling markina space agency NASA’s space agency, a private company eyarospesa bigelo direction of interest has been verified. In addition, some overseas companies in America, about 0. Space Agency and the research was the question.All projects that interest them, such as the sci-fi adventure film – it is not.

In Earth orbit or on the moon as a vehicle to experiment with many medicines. If the power of gravity outside the scope of the test is very important. Bigelo Earth orbit or on the moon, as well as companies to create a temporary tent, lease and wants to give. If necessary, the tent somewhere else, like balloons It will be possible to move.


NASA, however, the funds are not sitting idle at the hands and feet. Numerous asteroids between Mars and Jupiter has rings that, in 2025, there are plans to send him to one of the people. A decade later, people will step on Mars itself.President Barack Obama for the next fiscal year, NASA’s proposed budget is around 10 billion dollars, which could be the start.

For quite some time, NASA is going the way of cooperation with non-governmental organizations. However, any action plan to put an end to the private sector to participate and then have the chance to be examined. NASA’s Space Operations’ chief William gyarstenamayara now proceed in the way of thinking just the opposite. That is, according to the mission plan and then weighed before interest companies, NASA wants to

In 1957, when the Soviet Union (ussr) Sputnik (Sputnik), the first artificial satellite sent into space since the beginning of the space era. In 1969, a man on the moon, space technology since then padarpanasaha was learning progress. Since then pratyahai new development and research work in progress. We are trying to build a long position in space technology lately. Space research work to watch the Space Station (Space station) Scientists are attempting to establish the space station. Skailyaba (Sky lab) such a work plan, which was given shape by the possibility of setting up a space station. The United States Human Space Station’s ‘skailyaba’ first time in May 1973, was sent into space. Skailyaba a large scientific laboratory space. Skailyaba space, the driver of the three bharahinatasaha discovered many things about biology. Passengers stayed 8 days in space and the second space skailyaba important scientific research. The result was very satisfactory. 8 July 1973, is the third skailyaba transmission. It’s 59 days in space and space travel and the US is the only research-related. On 16 November 1973, which was sent into space on the fourth skailyaba 480 km altitude in space is in 84 days. After five years, the 77-ton space laboratory to be consumed. Sun Spot (Sunspot) – As a result of the violent reactions in the laboratory to be consumed. After being eroded as a result of friction bayumaldale skailyabera of the blaze, which was part of the July 11, 1979 in Australia and the Indian Ocean are falling. Fortunately, no deaths occurred as a result of the collapse of the skailyabera. Future Space prayuktih space elevator

The universe is a lot of people dream of winning almost all the places in the solar system sbapnaamara-day operations carried out, but the technical side, we are still not developed enough because we are still in the fields of interstellar space travel can do anything a normal person for niara space mission on behalf of more expensive air travel into space NASA is about to experience asambhabayadio very soon they will have the opportunity to travel to outer space for ordinary people to take the decision, and the day dibehayata giyechekintu the fact that it’s so expensive that very few people will be able to habeyai Now I come to the point, where space elevator is basically a technology that is connected by a cable to the earth’s orbit as a result of the technology has been asked to travel into space may be open to the public, it will be very useful when habekarana this technology, and much more affordable dharanate earth orbit by a cable attached to the elevator spesa asked to use the power of electromagnetism hayechephale an object beyond the orbit space craft launched to facilitate the habeyakhana will be connected by cable, cable jiostesanari’s center of gravity will be in orbit (that is placed on a satellite into orbit over the equator in line with the earth’s rotation has been rolling ever, set in the same place, so it seems to many of the world) bartamana planned kabalera length from 50000 100000 kilomitarasadharanata mahakasayanagulo was launched with the help of a rocket. It was launched into space in a raketabihina guarantee. And it is expected to be made in the next year 10-0 litter space elevator concept in the world of science fiction writers (my most favorite science fiction writer) Arthur Charles Clarke (C. clark), published in his 1979 novel, “The phauntena of pyamradaisa “first published novel, when it may be karenayai near future, we could not get even get the chance to be our next generation of space !!