History of May Day
Long deprivation and exploitation owners sacrifice her own life to get rid of this day in 1886, many workers jhariyechilena. The workers demanded the eight-hour working day in the United States had all industrial strike. Chicago had called off the three million workers. Chicago labor rally around a million workers took the form of my market like the sea. One hundred and eighty-five thousand construction workers working with numerous offended by the red flag was being assembled there. At one point, police fired indiscriminately on workers’ protests and several workers were killed on the spot.
On the other hand, the O-market labor unrest spreads all over the world. Develop greater unity of the working masses. Finally, in the face of intense eight-hour work day demands of the workers were forced to accept the US government. After 1889, the International Labour Conference held in Paris on 14 July in Chicago raktajhara achievement recognized as a symbol of the incident, the May 1 International Workers’ Solidarity Day, who was declared. Since 1890, every year on this day, May Day was celebrated in many countries around the world to this day began.
Like other countries, the day is celebrated with due dignity. On this occasion, the government and the private sector, and the colorful procession, in ceremonial processions and cultural programs today take hayaara that’s why every year this day is a public holiday ghasona. <span title=”সরকারি বেসরকারি সকল অফিস আদালতের পাশাপাশি বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংকসহ সব তফসিলি ব্যাংক এবং কলকারখানা বন্ধ থাকে।

“>All public and private offices as well as the Bangladesh Bank is closed on all scheduled banks and industries.

In the absence of any newspaper in the country on holiday tomorrow’s newspaper will not be published. Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh betarasaha private satellite television and betaragulo promote special programs and newspapers will publish special supplements and articles. To mark the day President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and opposition leader Raushan Ershad and leaders of various political and labor organizations gave separate messages.
The owner of the deprivation of workers ages and still is in many ways different countries. Life, health, nutrition and social security workers, owners of neglected issues, not just in our country all over the world, it is not something new. Manufacturer of mass civilization, being the owner of civic amenities and facilities, if they are ignored. This deprivation of our history so as to improve its operation or underdeveloped countries in the world have. Spectra and Rana Plaza Phoenix and production at the factory or accident demonstrates the history of each eye.
The desire for freedom from insecurity and deprivation of May Day has been celebrated around the world every year. Today, the great May Day. Today is the day labor issue kalyanei any country or organization, not a single issue. For this reason, any worker in Bangladesh and its impact around the world of torture. Just as the building collapse around the world on the issue of worker safety has become the main issue. I would like to safety slogan is now the world has become a slogan for every worker.

May Day is still celebrated every year, but everyone in the world knows sara ignored their rights to dasaprathara However that is no longer the Middle Ages. However, the workers’ mental and physical abuse, and lack of social security and living wages less than the minimum requirements of a variety of techniques and the degree of removal from service without any prior notice being deprived workers. Moreover, many countries, including our country, the institutional guarantees workers the minimum wage to workers in the informal grhasramikasaha some benefit, but always remained undiscussed section. The official said most of the workers are now working in the garment sector workers. Most of the women inside. And in the current society, their social security has become a big issue. Nor are most women’s health and nutrition security behind. But, yes, now being part of the global industry chain has been created to raise awareness of the bisbabyapii conditions. Especially as the cause of the building collapse bisejnara say.
And especially because of some karmaparibeserao awareness has improved somewhat and is being gradually. Kretajota Accord and the reform of the Alliance are visiting. BGMEA and the government has taken several initiatives as well. Workers took the initiative to set up a fund for the government of Prime.
Nor is the garment sector workers as well as other facilities for the citizens of all types to ensure the workers demanded. As well as improved working conditions, especially for workers who have demanded a minimum monthly wage of 10 rupees. The garment sector were paid the minimum monthly wage of 5 thousand 300. In addition, trade union rights, such as the owners also have been asked to make the words bamchai worker. <span title=”এ ছাড়া রয়েছে মানসিক এবং শারীরিক নির্যাতন বন্ধের দাবি ।

“>There is also demand an end to mental and physical torture.

In today’s May Day program includes:
Today, a variety of social, cultural, and political and labor parties and organizations have taken up elaborate programs on the occasion of May Day. The program includes a procession of red flags and flag procession and assembly workers Further discussion, cultural events, ganasangita, dance programs, drama, poetry reading, photography, painting exhibition, etc.
As every year, this year on the occasion of the celebration of May Day in the state has taken various programs of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. From 7 in the morning at a colorful rally was organized by the Ministry. Rally in front of the National Press Club at the end of the day will be from Bengali. Rally will be inaugurated by Minister of State for Labour and Employment Mujibul Haque Chunnu.
The program also includes a variety of places on the occasion of May Day
Bangabandhu International Conference Centre on the occasion of the May Day meeting will be held at 4 pm. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was present as the chief guest at the meeting will address important.
Bangladesh workers will rally to mark May Day workers jatitabadi team. During the rally at the Suhrawardy Udyan BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia will address. Besides, at 3pm in front of the headquarters of the National Party kakarailastha one of the workers at the meeting organized by the Workers’ Party on the occasion of the Communist Party of Bangladesh Jatiya Party Chairman HM erasadadibasati, the oyarkarsa party, the National Workers Federation, Garment Workers Trade Union Centre, Front and mass culture, Bangladesh Road transport workers Union, the national Garment workers League, the Federation of textile workers, the national Garment workers Federation in various political, grinabanla workers Federation, social, professional and cultural group has undertaken various programs. The program includes seminars, in addition to cultural anusthanata garment industrial zones in front of Fantasy Kingdom, Borobari Gazipur, Tejgaon, Mirpur and in front of the Shaheed Minar Nabisco senaparaya workers rally will be held at 4 pm.