Detective Detective English words to say it. And they are searching for a professional civil officer or investigator, or C Id. He is a member of any police or law enforcement agency, or any person designated by the spies can be fixed. Recently spies, private detective or a person may be referred to as antahdrsti. Especially spoken informally registered or licensed or unlicensed spies, who literature can be seen. Klosio highly popular detective Sherlock Holmes and Inspector is a name known worldwide as a novelist.

Pending the detective work of a serious crime or hidden historical events of the crime for the sake of the investigation and the news behind the news from the grassroots level to uphold public. Intelligence is also known to everyone as an individual or as a detective’re getting.

A detective Properties

Usually the sense of living life through the spy was known as intelligence. Generally, it is to be a successful and drastically spies, the following features

The proof of the crime or suspicious activities, and that his main task manohbislesanera.
Always keen to engage in esoteric activities, and stimulated an intellectual detective apply.

By applying the present judgment is reasonably expected of a person or thing will be a public presentation of intelligence. So that innocent people are affected or not guilty and the guilty shall take the necessary measures to be handed over to an intelligence law.

The tiny clues or signs or signals with the help of criminal offenses and the nature of the motion intelligence to identify its position.

A detective background

Some of the police department’s intelligence Hiring is not directly elected. The appointment of spies to meet certain conditions. One of them written test is one of the criteria to qualify for the people, or only through a police officer, he was appointed to the rank of detective.

According to British law, police detectives posakadhari at least two years to serve as a uniformed officer. As a result, he was eligible to apply to join the Criminal Investigation Department. For the UK as a Detective Crime Investigators Development Programme, as well as the employment force him to pass the national examination, or to be.

Many graduates of the Police Department as a detective was assigned directly to the students posakabihina. According to many different kinds of intelligence are the different kinds of job training is. Among the unique qualities of intelligence and ability and qualifications which are separated more than a dress or uniformed police officers.

On the other hand, critics said that the police department is not a job that no previous experience or intelligence can not be fully successful. Rather, the problem of police operations in the range of their activities is to create disturbances. Police work with colleagues in uniform, they made working conditions more difficult and arduous.

Spies its competitive position and to ensure the credibility of the examination is to be revealed. There are practices and procedures in the tadantakarye morality. Criminal law and the process of interviewing and prasnamulaka outlook ,, ,, under the laws of arrest, search and seizure of goods ,, ,, evidence warrants, and at the same time defended the police department report also documentation and evidence or testimony in court as a police department should be ,, policies and practices ,, and the testimonies of the police department and the purpose of the procedure. Generally, both the police officer and spies prasnamulaka outlook is to continue. But the spies more hostile environment to face and deal with the questioning.

Spies, the state agency or institution appointed by the private sector through the registration is approved. But for him to be fully aware of the competitive examination and a criminal history is. Some states ,, classroom training with the weapon properly and efficiently conduct’ve been emphasizing the need for experience.

Intelligence agencies

Goyendaderake train which combines the intelligence branch of the armed forces or law enforcement agencies as well as the most important branch of the police. It is the role of internal and state security branch. Law enforcement agencies other than the team or department is considered as the biggest and prestigious branch of the intelligence branches.

Pending hidden or secret crime intelligence, according to a number of specialized branches are split level. One of them, such as robbery or murder, robbery, fraud, organized crime ,, ,, ,, missing computer crime, drugs ,, ,, ,, domestic violence, sexual harassment, etc ,, surveillance.

A person working as a detective he spoke with a aidenti card. When questioned about his activities required to provide their identity. Detective detective or detective stories usually posts before the person’s name, which is short dita known as Det.

Field intelligence proceedings

A detective and a wide range of functions for managing a wide variety of ideas, he should be. Novel techniques to time ,, and the error can be adopted. Also for the majority of cases in particular on the subject of the investigation and eyewitness testimony or evidence to rely on witnesses ,, which is quite time consuming. Caradera intelligence operations management as well as an extensive network in the investigation were involved in the cases to be settled as soon as possible if ,,. Caragana uninterrupted or sometimes maintain contact with the person you’ve been. Detectives from the caradera conversation between them about matters relating to the information collected from ,, but he is nowhere to be published officially. Evidence collection and preservation potential or confirmed the desired position of the object.

Karyakalapagulo criminal investigation police are responsible for conducting the investigation. Criminal rapidly driving drunk driving ,, ,, ,, fraud, theft etc. burglarious ,, ,, killing. Police announced the closing of the work ,, they brought charges against anyone.

A criminal investigation into the detective’s no reason to think that if something suspicious is raging ,, he was busy sbaksyapramanadi collection. Sbaksyapramanadi was present before the court through enough.


Usually physical, or physical characteristics of the body of knowledge needed for the autopsy. Almost every district has the autopsy.

A case can be settled smoothly through autopsy and investigation into the activities of the intelligence agencies, which is considered one of the main means and tools.

A method in accordance with the law, forensic science and the scientific detail that can be provided to any person who is answer questions. The system makes it possible for criminal or civil cases to be settled.

In many cases, crime or mystery detectives Delving into public and private records to provide background information on a subject he said. Police detectives search the archives, or fingerprint or finger or hand impression of the activities have been started.

The police authority for a person convicted of a serious criminal ranging from maintaining personal files have been opened. As a result, detectives arrested the culprit and personal information and pictures regarding the details of the specific person’s movements, etc. You can search through surveillance. Moreover, if the owner of the motorcycle criminal case include his driver’s license can play an important role in this regard.

With a warrant, police detectives and bank statements, credit card records have been searched. ,, ,, Credit report Ansar hotel registration information includes machine messages and phone conversations.

A detective contribution

Giving priority to the interests of the country’s intelligence or intelligence cooperation with other countries if necessary jibanabaji direction and position of the respective countries in terms of the law, which became known as espionage or spying.

Intelligence on the modern world lies in a country’s economic and political interests. Sometimes they drink, and the state information about the success or protect the interests of the country have been transmitted through a variety of materials.

Prison is a place in their lives, or the failure occurs again over the years. Sometimes spying charges between the two countries as excellent and good neighborly relations were found to be damaged. Fortunately, some countries rarely mutual extradition agreement were released.

There is certain to be efficient intelligence training center for the training was sent to developed countries. Many of the new techniques and approaches to identification of criminals ever received.