France condemns attack Naik

 ফ্রান্সে হামলায় জাকির নায়েকের নিন্দা
 France condemns attack snipped truck Zakir Naik. He said the killing of innocent people is never justified. Over the last 5 years, giving lectures, but did not give any baktrtatei encourage terrorism.
On Friday, in a video conference via Skype Naik claimed his speech was distorted by the media in many ways. He dismissed media allegations raised in support of the argument to hand over with a pen drive, told reporters.
Zakir said Hafiz, including me, there is no intimacy, no, I did not associate with the militants. But if anyone in the crowd standing in the picture with me as I do not have to do anything.

Naik said that no intelligence agency has contact with him. However, any investigations needed to be assured that the controversial Islamic preacher recently.