A time many years ago, during the witch-hunting, he was gone. Yours may be entered my post some of the questions that have been raised on the likes gittu what the witch hunt again.who were meant to. In fact, illegal, though it was legal at the time it agreed to the law, or were legally Historical events and official witchcraft trial was held.


1480 was the era of witch-hunting since early in 1700. Many cultures of the ancient world and the modern-day witch-hunting has become a superstition manusa across their fear of being infected with witches or witch who practices witchcraft, or rejecting them have been killed. In modern society, where religious values are still ongoing witch-hunting era of modern science does not support the development of witchcraft and guptabidya. It refers to a witch alarmed that the original witch hunt, with the exception of the wrong suspect. Ancient Egypt was a separate law for witches and magicians and byabilane. Hamurabi Code 1800 over the previous estimate yadutona another, and if a man is not proven but which have been applied to the magic of the river and the river would be. He drowned in the river behind his house owned by the person to be able to use the magic. If he sets the river, not the death penalty should be a magician, and his house will be owned by the person affected yadute. This is the earliest accounts of his brother. Let’s see then what is the status of the Middle Ages?

Early Middle Ages, the church would not have a direct witch trial. Since the start of the trial has been the norm in the church. In 785 pyaderabarna Church of witchcraft was banned. Pope John XXII witchcraft repressive policy adopted in 1320, when he learned about the issues. Investigation is involved in the trial court in the 15th century when the two women admitted that they were in 1384, and in 1390 took part in a type of white yadute. Early modern Europe began well witch trial. 15th century and early 16th century witch trial began. Then the witch trials can reduce the fear of loss. After the 17th century, it began tumulabhabe. Christians and secular society institutions were observed to eat the flesh of witchcraft and satanic nagnanrtya araji sexuality well involved with a religious ceremony. Germany is the witch hunt began long ago. Witch-hunting in South West Germany from 1670 until 1561 was a successful year. Over time, witches were burned at the stake. 12000 witch trials took place almost all over Europe. About 40,000 of the 100,000 people who had performed these trials. Such practices can reduce the 18th century. 1682 occurred in England in the last witch hunt. In 1712 jyani oyenahyama traditional witch trial was the last event where he apologizes for his actions and was released.Now is the modern era witch-hunting, especially in Africa. In 1999, the BBC report found that children in the Congo and is suspected witch witch tanjaniyate older women on suspicion of being killed if their eyes are red. Witch witch-hunt in Africa, mainly relatives, relatives of the greed of its assets. America witchcraft can be heard in a related incident. In December 1999, one of Oklahoma student was expelled from school for 15 days on charges of charm. On 16th February, a woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia phaliha phaoja and suspected criminals was declared a witch. If you do not forgive him if he duhspapya woman’s head can be cut. Passed last.

Brothers knew something. Oh, they do not understand the pre-trial period, or read in a hypocritical act. We realized that it is actually a ghost or apparition let themselves go and whatever we do not think that was why they had to start with something hypocritical.