Tycho Brahe

On February 4, 1600, Kepler, 35 km from Prague in a place called benatki nadii yaro Tycho Brahe and his assistants tennagela France and Longomontanus Sorensen met with langomonatanusa. Here, when the Tycho’s new observatory was being constructed. The next two months as a guest of the Tycho’s Mars observations analyzed. Although data is initially quite carefully concealed and was impressed by Kepler’s theoretical knowledge gives him more time. Kepler Mysterium on the Mars data kasamographikume initiatives outlined his theory, but later realized that the work will take up to two years, for his own use because he was not allowed to simply copy the data. For this reason, in Prague at the time of the Slovakian philosopher, physician and politician iuhanesa iyesaseniusa with the assistance of a more systematic and formal simply tried to make a deal. But the agreement is concluded and bitterness to the observatory, Kepler left Prague on April 6. <span title=”কেপলার ও ট্যুকো অবশ্য এর অল্পদিন পরেই বেতন এবং থাকা-খাওয়ার ব্যবস্থাসহ একটি আনুষ্ঠানিক চুক্তি করেন এবং জুন মাসে কেপলার গ্রাৎসে ফিরে যান তার পরিবারের সবাইকে নিয়ে আসার জন্য।[২২]

“>Soon after, however, Kepler and Tycho and lodging with a formal contract in June, and the Kepler returned to Graz in order to bring his family. [X]

But the political and religious problems in Graz was not immediately possible to go back to Prague. Kepler is to continue to study astronomy at any one time arkadiuka King Ferdinand II of the Holy Roman Empire tried to mathematician. In a letter to Ferdinand for this purpose are based on the fundamental force proposed a new theory about the moon’s course. Written in Latin “In Terra inest virtus, quae Lunam ciet” the Bengali “the earth the moon has a dynamic force”.  The letter to Ferdinand’s court, but not the right to create a new method for measuring lunar played a role. Graz on July 10 during a lunar eclipse, he used this method. <span title=”এই পর্যবেক্ষণগুলোই আলোকবিদ্যা মৌলিক নীতি বিষয়ে তার চিন্তাধারাকে শাণিত করে যার চূড়ান্ত পরিণতি Astronomiae Pars Optica নামক বইটি।[২৪]

“>The basic principles of optics paryabeksanaguloi sharpened his thoughts Astronomiae Pars Optica, which culminated in the book.

In August of 1600, after refusing to convert to Catholicism, Kepler and his family were expelled from Graz. A few months later, the family finally moved to Prague. Tycho throughout most of 1601, direct financial assistance to her, in exchange for a trajectory analysis of Kepler and Tycho against Ursus once bitter rivals to writing. At that time, however, Ursus had reduced competition. In September, Tycho had suggested to the emperor that the new project gets a job to Kepler as his assistant. The project was based on data kopernikusora Reinholds Erasmus to prepare a new list to replace the list of these tables luminary. On the basis of Tycho’s data, Kepler formulated the list, the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, which was named in honor of Rudolf list. On 4 October 1601, two days after Tycho’s unexpected death was inducted as imperial mathematician Kepler, Tycho’s responsibility to complete his unfinished work. The next 11 years as imperial mathematician would be the most productive of his life.

Advisor to Emperor Rudolph II

As a mathematician Kepler’s astrological advice was given to the emperor. The nuts and bolts of contemporary astrologers predict the future or divine specific events like Kepler was not. You may not believe his less accurate predictions. But since the study Normally tyubinene classmates, friends and family and has sponsors horoscopes. Horoscopes for allies and foreign powers for their future state, along with an explanation of the emperor wanted to Kepler’s Political Consultative Conference. In these cases, however, not as much as Kepler’s advice was controlled by the Zodiac was more than common sense. Rudolf had harbored many of his court intellectuals interested in the work. <span title=”আলকেমীদের কাজকর্ম এবং ভৌত জ্যোতির্বিজ্ঞান বিষয়ে কেপলারের অগ্রগতি সম্পর্ক নিয়মিত খোঁজ-খবর রাখতেন।[২৬]

“>Alakemidera Kepler’s physical astronomy activities and regularly kept up the relationship. [6]

Prague was the only acceptable religious practice and iutrakuista officially Catholic. But in the imperial court, Kepler was able to celebrate his Lutheran faith. The emperor and his family made a generous pension system, but to become a much larger range of fiscal problems had to be faced and often had to struggle to meet its financial needs. Mainly because of financial difficulties at home with Barbara did not spend his time well. With a temporary illness. But the court because he was good to his life in that age would have to be familiar with other famous intellectuals, among them Johannes van mateusa Wackher bhakenaphelsa, iyosta byurgi, David Fabricius, Martin bakhatseka, Johannes brengara and others. His astronomical work proceeded rapidly in the environment.