Militancy in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh government has decided to be a sermon read.

জঙ্গিবাদের বিরুদ্ধে খুতবা ঠিক করে দিয়েছে সরকার

Friday sermons in mosques across the country on Friday against militancy, the government has set. Islamic Foundation in a press release on Thursday, warning of unrest and militancy and terrorism, “the Friday sermons in all mosques of the country has been requested to follow and imitate. Baitul Mukarram national mosque during Friday prayers sermon on Friday, he would recite the Islamic Foundation.
The Mexican restaurant on July 1, Gulshan Holy artijana terrorists attacked two police 0. In addition to the local and foreigners were killed. 6, was killed in a police raid. Madhyapracyabhittika terrorist organization Islamic State or ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The feast day of the terrorist attack on police in Kishoreganj Sholakia Edgah. 4 people died in the incident, one of the terrorists.
On July 10, after a meeting of the security committee of the Cabinet Committee on Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu said that the Friday Prayer Imam Sahebara and he bayanagulo bayanagulora what type of monitoring and putting them to the target.
He said, ‘who is a devout Muslim, who was preaching and congregation, the Friday sermon read to their request for the establishment of the religion of these (terrorist) to make sboccara.