Naik alleged mouth

অভিযোগ নিয়ে মুখ খুললেন জাকির নায়েক 

The attackers were inspired her Gulshan bhasanei has dismissed allegations that the controversial preacher Zakir Naik. Saudi Arabia via Skype with reporters Friday at a press conference in Mumbai, India, he denied all allegations.
Zakir claimed that the attackers did not encourage him in any way. My speech had been misinterpreted. In this context, the media disgorge their anger against the de facto capital of the attack, said Zakir Bangladesh’s Daily Star newspaper published a report called the attackers were inspired by one of my speech. India has reported that ganamadhyamagulio. A few days later, on behalf of magazines recognize their mistake. They said there was never told that the attackers were inspired by Zakir’s speech and gave encouragement to kill innocent people.
He did not have any evil, to kill them “part of harama. Islam does not believe in killing niraparadhidera. Not only that, a series of attacks across the world, the militants also denounced harsh words Zakir. She condemned the attacks that occurred in the city of Nice, France on Friday, he said.
Mumbai The Islamic preacher said, I have not met with any terrorists. But if some of the people standing behind me took this picture, I smile. I can not say who they are? I am a messenger of peace. I do not think criticism of Islam. My opinion may be different.
In fact, the Holy artijana Bakery in Gulshan, Dhaka July 1 after the Mumbai terror attacks in the name of Islam preacher Zakir hero comes up. Investigators said the two attackers were militants inspired by Zakir bhasanei hero. Twenty people were killed oidinera. Shortly after, the government of Bangladesh decided to close the Peace TV broadcast. Zakir request of the government of Prime Minister addressed the central government of India and the Maharashtra government has started an investigation