It was the decision of the protest movement that he called the movement of the partition of Bengal is a very important chapter in the history of Bengal hayechebangabhanga. On 16 October 1905 the British colonial government at that time of the partition of Bengal was the order of the Viceroy Lord Curzon. Curzon did not, however, start from the concept of dividing Bengali. Bengal, Bihar and Orissa since 1765, was included. As a result, the Bengali government administrative area was extra large, and on behalf of the British government, it is difficult sasanakriya fair. As a result, a great mass movement triggered by the partition of Bengal in 1911, there thekeikintu was repealed. In 1947, the second partition. As a result, East Pakistan and West Bengal in India is associated. This purbabangai later from Pakistan became independent Bangladesh in 1971, was a bloody one.
The area of the province of Bengal was 1,89,000 square miles and had a population of 78.5 million. Due to inadequate communication of the western and eastern Bengal geography was almost isolated. In 1836, the Lieutenant Governor of the northern provinces separated from Bengal and in 1854 was placed under the administrative responsibility of the Governor-General of Bengal, with an exemption of the Lieutenant Governor in Council to be placed on. In 1874 Assam, including Sylhet separated from Bengal Chief kamisanarasipa was formed in 1898 and is associated with the Lushai hills .1903 proposals are considered in the first partition. And to separate Chittagong and Dhaka and Mymensingh from Bengal jeladbayake was a proposal to include the province of Assam. Similarly with small Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh was a proposal attikaranerao. Officially, the plan was published in January 1904, and in February, Lord Curzon in the eastern districts of Bengal to assess public opinion about the government tried to divide the tour. He also exchanged views with the various districts and leading personalities of Dhaka and Chittagong and Mymensingh explaining the government’s position on this partition lectures.

Hill Tripura, Chittagong, Dhaka and Rajshahi Division excluding Darjeeling and Assam Malda district was merged with the province will form the new province. As a result of its large purbancalai Bengal only to lose him not to give up Hindi madhyapradesake five states. The west Madhya Pradesh Sambalpur and five minor Oriya-speaking part of the state are offered bangake. As a result, the volume of Bengal stood at 1,41,580 square miles and a population of 54 million, of which 4 million Hindus and 9 million Muslims.The new province of East Bengal and Assam, which is named after the capital of Dhaka and Chittagong will be accompanied headquarters. Will be an area of 1,06,540 square miles and a population of 31 million, 18 million of whom are Hindu, Muslim and 1 million. A two-member legislature and the administration of the Board of Revenue and the jurisdiction of the Calcutta High Court will continue. The government of East Bengal and Assam’s western border, clearly indicate that there will be a certain geographical immediately, jatika, linguistic and social baisistabalio be fixed.East Bengal on 17 February 1904, Lord Curzon noted a letter from the Acting Secretary of the Indian Bengalis themselves, feel a great nation and a Bengali Babu’s crumpled gadite want to put their dreams of partition will be tied to successful implementation. If we give in to their objection, in the future, and you will never be able to share Bengali purbapasrbe India, which will strengthen the power of strong now and in the future become a source of danger Burdhaman.
Curzon proposal already accepted with the exception of Darjeeling maladahasaha the rest of the districts of Rajshahi division across Assam was the pastaba. Regarding the comments attached to the British bureaucracy rijali strong Bengali, Bengali split will be drawn in different directions. Congress leaders said he fears. Their biggest fear is accurate, and that the quality of the proposal. The main objective of our group is a comprehensive piece of British rule, the opposition is weak. Lord Curzon declared in a speech at the Muslim hrtagauraba separate province for the recovery of his writings. Andrew Fraser Bakerganj Faridpur district, the lieutenant governor and the extremists are already active in the province, said it would be easy to suppress. Lord Curzon, the original proposal sent to London in February 1905. Minister of India, the British government proposed in June to perform bradrikha St. John’s. The government announced its final decision on 19 July 1905 and the partition of Bengal was effected on October 16 the same year.Movement happened that way
On 7 July 1905, before the partition of the proposal on upcoming events Surendra Nath said in his editorial of The Bengalee a terrible national disaster, and warned that if the government does not change its decision if there is a wait in front of the highest levels of national resistance. The event is really one of the great political unrest. As a result, the idea that the new province of East Bengal Muslims in education, employment, etc. would increase their chance. People could not accept the division of the West Bengal and plenty nationalist writings were published at that time. Annulment of the partition of Bengal in 1906, Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali prastabakadera a moving song I wrote a lot of gold in the 197 to become the national anthem of the movement hayasei Hindu Muslim consciousness in the early stages of a large Bengal triggered the world’s kabiguramna Tagore composed many patriotic compositions and the poets had sung as the procession march pasture. According to the British government’s announcement on 16 October 1905 to the date of the law to be effective. Therefore, Kolkata, the capital of the strike was on. Cooking at home will not be any day. The people will go hungry arandhana plays. Rakhibandhana festival of the Bengalis to maintain unity in the country.Lord Curzon announced the partition of Bengal in 1905, and the effect of the armed movement developed in Bengal. In 1906, Congress passed the word Swaraj is full session. Swaraj said the Congress saw naramapanthira colonial self-government extremists understand freedom. From its origin in the context of the elimination of foreign products. Comprehensive boycott extremists wanted in India.
Historian Sumit Sarkar has flowed under the Swadeshi movement at the time. According to the domestic prathamadharake constructive. Tagore’s Swadeshi Samaj article details the constructive work of this kind. Its main objective was the launch of soul power. Dbitiyadhara bayakatake highlighted. Trtiyadharaya the extremists. Swadeshi and boycott them are minor. Swaraj became chief. This fierce debate in Congress. Swadeshi movement in public opinion on behalf of his organization developed districts association. Sbecchasebidala national policies to take effect is created. Barisal, Faridpur in pursuit of homeland and novice-friendly Mymensingh friend and practice in the most famous city. District Committee set up under the branches grow hayakalakataya conclusion of another organization. The group leader Aurobindo Ghosh. His fellow brother Barin Ghosh. They are going to use the bomb as a weapon.
The role of extremists.Was the leader of the extremists BG Tilak and Aurobindo Ghosh ghosaarabinda back to England. ICS succeed in the examination, he did not attend the service. Arvind was a radical political beliefs. There was no compromise in his thoughts. In 1907, Aurobindo said that political freedom would be targeted first and foremost not to be taken as the expansion of the nation’s social and moral development of the industry tried to reform education reform extreme ignorance and absurdity is something different. Congress publicly and privately, according to the historian Amalesh Tripathi, Arvind simultaneous attack by revolutionaries wanted to. His followers leaning on terrorism. In 1907, Congress conference held in Surat bhangabhangi lathalathi and chairs and head cracking occurred. British journalist nebhinasana perfect description of the incident left. Aurobindo Ghose wrote on the Congress leader Tilak BG Tilak I commanded without consulting Congress session break.
At the end of the nineteenth century, India was the main tool brtisabirodhi armed movement, pistol, revolver. And then the bomb exploded Bengalis entrance. This was led by Aurobindo Ghosh. In 1905, he formed a faction called the conclusion barina Ghosh Kolkata branch of the Association of drill broke. Hem kanunago the association to learn to make bombs sent to Paris, a revolutionary. Hem Switzerland and went to Paris to learn the benefits of high explosives could not go to London. He came back to make it to Paris. French socialist organization was in touch with the leaders and the chemistry of explosives and explosive learned the principles of the wheels was faiths.
Nicholas Russian revolutionary terrorist groups are trained to saphranaskira Hem returned to Calcutta in January 1908. Hem Kingsford first bomb did not explode in 1075 was sent to the page in the book. Hem bomb the school opened in March with five students. He threw the bomatii Khudiram Bose. After the incident, the police raided the different ksudiramera revolutionary arrested 34 people and seized bombs on books and equipment.
Kolkata manikatala June 1908, a bomb factory was discovered in the region. Aurobindo Ghosh was arrested about it. Aurobindo’s brother Barin Ghosh, joyful Dutta, Kanai Fishing extremist lalasaha 47 parenabalagangadhara Tilak was sentenced in 1908 to six years. Pondicherry Aurobindo Ghosh moved to 1910 and received the ascetic.
Partition altered,

As a result of these political protests in 1911, Bengal was reunited. Through a new division of linguistic Hindi, Oriya and asami areas separated from Bengal was brought under a separate administrative structure. The capital of British India from Calcutta to New Delhi was transferred.
That was the British response
Badruddin Umar, according to the Indian national movement, the anti-partition movement that began in 1905 after a quick energy savings, it was mainly restricted to madhyasrenira. That is why this group is the highest on the government’s repression. Lieutenant Governor of East Bengal and Assam byampaphilda Fuller, the anti-partition movement began to disperse the massive repression and tried to increase the communalism. He announced that his two wives favorite person between Hindus and Muslims were Muslims. Vande Mataram written by Bankim protesters opposed to the partition of music to the national anthem and the extensive publicity. Fuller music song Bande Mataram city of the Bengal Provincial Conference session on the second day when the police charged batons tried to disperse the rally. But in spite of police persecution, Abdur Rasul chaired the session with the government of Barisal division asahayogitara opposed the boycott of British goods, etc. Some of the proposals are adopted.