The main components methaayamphitamina and caffeine tablets. This medicine is not a drug issue.

Hatasadirghadina reduced memory consumption trends and the tablets, and decisiveness are starting to show symptoms of schizophrenia in some cases. Many people are crazy. Depression increases hatasajanita different crime, even if many people commit suicide. In addition, the infection of the heart or blood vessels in the brain rupture and many died. Some fell on the road accident. Some have been drawn up for seven to 10 days. Dr. Yaba workshops with about side effects. Mohit Kamal regular tablets falling bleeding in the brain, sleep apnea, convulsions, brain deformities, increased blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, heart attack, sleep, the body being felt in some ways, uncomfortable emotional state, kidney failure, permanent disability plus sex, lung lungs pradahasaha tumor and cancer. Then suddenly there was a lack of iyabaya abhyastatara the suicides and despair. He said the drugs in general calm violent and aggressive person can make. It is very normal to be taking Yaba hallucinations and schizophrenia. If the patient at rough-and-tumble hallucinations, hear voices gayebi. Many patients in the pyaranayate bhugale is enmity with him. They prefer to fighting and terrorism.
Yaba is more than all the desaguloh
Kokam called upon Myanmar and indigenous communities methamphetamina biggest producer of pills or tablets. People opium and heroin production before the group was involved. The laboratory is very common in Myanmar, Hong Kong 0 cents per pill tablets were made. The government of Myanmar, Thailand joint patrolling along the border in 000 government gives massive pressure. The 2400-km border between Thailand and Myanmar Yaba smuggling in order to prevent the smuggling of Yaba hayabanladese emerged in 1997, the pressure is applied. . Teknaf in Bangladesh since the 000 started coming across the border from Myanmar, Yaba. . This is often due to the relatively high price of this tablet upper mainly spread karethai government in 1970 banned Yaba tablet. At that time, the country was sold petrol pump, and used it to stay awake Thai truck driver. Truck and bus drivers are dangerous in the hands of iyabasebi many accidents occurred. Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s campaign against drug trafficking 003 campaign. Since Thailand has decreased the incidence of these drugs.