The mission of the First World War

 জানুন প্রথম বিশ্বযুদ্ধের সংক্ষিপ্ত ইতিহাস

From 1914 to 1918 took place in the First World War and the First World War, whose surname was then the world’s biggest fight so far.

Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, on June 8, 1914 in the city of Franz Ferdinand of Austria’s crown prince arkadiuka sarbiyabasira was shot. Austria blamed Serbia for the murders, and that same year declared war against Serbia on June 8 th. The war gradually became involved in the two countries are friendly countries. This is the beginning of the First World War from 1914 to 1918. The First World War was not the only reason for killing the Prince of Austria. In the nineteenth century industrial revolution, the collection of raw materials and finished goods to sell quickly due to competition and the establishment of colonies, etc., before the conflict was the cause of the First World War. Austria and Germany in World War I were on one side ,, Bulgaria and Hungary. Those were the central power. And on the other hand, Russia was Serbia ,, ,, ,, Britain, France, Japan, Italy and America ,,. Allies of whom was called.


What was the First World War
Arcadiuka heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire on June 8, 1914, assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which led to the First World War. The Austro-Hungarian citizen, but the killer was a Bosnian Serb nation. At the time, Bosnia was part of the empire. Gabharilo Princip was a member of a student group called Young Bosnia. One of them was released from the Austro Hungarian rule. The incident took place in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia. The Austro-Hungarian Empire urged Serbia to take appropriate action. He had a secret relationship with international and complex era. France’s friendly against Germany at the beginning of the historical hatred of Britain. But Germany has started to compete with Britain marine technologies become competitive relationship. Franco Prussian War and the French-German relationship has deteriorated since. French friendly relations with Russia, and he was raised by opportunity. Austria, Hungary, Russia saw as a threat, so they made an alliance with Germany. With the rise of nationalism in Serbia Slavs became stronger. Austria, Hungary, Serbia had the opportunity cornered. Serbia’s ally Russia, Serbia, he loudly threatened to dare to refuse, and they began to rally the troops. Etc. friendship treaty poor communications systems and a variety of different levels of distortion of the truth led to the conclusion of the war rastranayakadera. 8 July 1914 with Austria, Hungary, Serbia declared war. The next day, Russian troops were involved in the war in the rally. As a result, Germany was prepared for war. Serbia, meanwhile, began to rally in support of the French army.
8 June 1914 assassination of the Austrian-Hungarian heir to the throne arcadiuka Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip Bosnian sarayebhoya many were killed, including the wife, Duchess Sophie
The same year, on July 5, the Russian military in Serbia for war against Austria-Hungary sought German support. Germany and assured full support. Austria, Hungary, Serbia sent an ultimatum on July 3. Serbia is seen as unsatisfactory response julai 8 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Russia began to mobilize karejulai 31 Germany warned Russia to mobilize to stop. To Russia, to mobilize not only against Austria-Hungary. On August 1 Germany declared war against Russia. And Italy declared its neutrality jarmani and the Ottoman Empire signed a secret alliance. Germany invaded Luxembourg on August II.
The first steps were taken to a military skirmish janacerite western front. 6 months from the date of the beginning of August, near the border with Germany, Luxembourg, Paris, known as the iron gate protected lanaoye and dakhalao was blocked. As a result of the German invasion of France was open.

On August 3, Germany declared war on France. German-French border with Belgium does not allow weapons. Germany invaded Belgium on August 4. And to outflank the French army. Britain protested the violation of Belgian neutrality by an agreement which they were confirmed.
Sifon de Papia’s response to German Chancellor says that the agreement is just a scrap of paper.
Britain declared war against Germany.
United States declares its neutrality.
Belgium, Germany, from August 16 until August 4 Lease fort surrounded and captured. Montenegro declares war against Austria, Hungary, on August 5.
Dardenelesa stopped the Ottoman Empire.
Austria, Hungary declared war against Russia on August 6. Serbia declared war against Germany. British Expeditionary Force arrived in France on August 7. August 7, beginning from the date of September 13, the date of the border to fight. The Germans and the British Expeditionary Force in France was the fifth victory against the army. Date until the date of August 7 to August 10 mulahausera fight a border war that stage. Montenegro declared war against Germany on August 9. And togolyanda campaign. France declared war on Austria, Hungary on August 11.
Austria, Hungary declared war against the United States on August 1. Halenera border war, a war that stage.
August 5 to August 14, the date of beginning of war Lauren border war comes to a stage.
August 19 until August 16, the date of the Austro sarbara hangeriyanake was left defeated. On August 17, Russian troops entered the eastern prusiyate.

Stalupanenera war.
0 East Prussia on August rasanadera Germans invaded. Seliphenera paryabesita failure is a deviation from the planned attack occurs.
The Germans occupied Brussels. Lauren comes to the stage of the war, a war sareborgera Lauren marahanjera a stage of war. On August 1 carleraiyera fight a border war that stage. Date of August 3 until August 1 date ardenesera border war comes to a stage. Hungary declared war on Austria, Belgium, on August two. Japan declared war against Germany on August 3.
August 3 to August 30, the date of beginning of a stage of war border war Mans. Russian soldiers were admitted defeat to the Germans in the war tanenabargera strong.
Date of August 11 until September 3 date lembargera war. Richards took rasanara. August 3 to August 5 date until the date that is fighting krachanikera .and lembargera war comes to a stage. The first Austro Hungarian troops defeated the Russian army.
Action elanjera on August 4.
Maratagenera fight a border war that stage.
August 4 to September 7 date until the date of the fort surrounded and blocked the Germans maobega 4 agastera date until the date of September 8 on behalf of the Latin allies of the river retreated. Austria, Hungary declared war against Japan on August 5 th. August 6, British and French forces conquered togolyanda. East Africa is a German protectorate.
August 6 to August 7 from the date of beginning of the war satuyera. August 6 to August 30, the date of beginning of the war lipara Neela. Lembargera comes to a stage of war.
August 6 September date until the date of the fight komaroyera lembargera a part of war.
Etreksera war on August 7.
November 7, beginning from the date of August 7 sintayera war. German-owned British and Japanese forces occupied the port sintaye China.
On 8 August, the Royal Navy’s North Sea heligolyanda bakam first battle was won. August 9 date until the date of August 30, also known as St. kuyenatinera war or war guisera. Paksera ally hathe back. New Zealand occupied German Samoa Samoa later date August 30 on septembarera 1 nerite activity occurs.
The date of the beginning of September, the date of September 11 was defeated Austro Hungarian Rabha rusakara. Lembargera comes to a stage of war. September 4 to September 13, the date of the beginning of the Grand koronera war.
Thus, one after another with each state from 1914 to 1918 took place in the First World War
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