Our human history until the Second World War, the hitherto largest and most terrible war was fought.
He has been called in English ” World War II, Second World War, WWII, WW2 ”
From 1939 until 1945, the World War II period is six years. But in Asia, organized in 1939, before the Second World War as part of the violence has been caught. At that time, all the powerhouses of the world, and most countries involved in the war and the creation of the military alliance are two opposite. Of the Allies and the other Axis Power. During the war, is considered the most extensive in the history of the mahasamayake. In all, 10 million to 30 countries took part in the military. States Parties involved in the war of drutaekati no distinction between military and civilian resources to their full economic, commercial and technological capabilities began to be applied. Also run on civilians and indiscriminate massacres of the Holocaust and the massacre of Jews by Hitler applied to the history of the world of nuclear weapons is the only such notorious incidents of the war, nearly half from 5 million to 8 million people died. These statistics prove that this is the most brutal in the history of the world had a fight.East Asia in order to spread monopoly’s Republic of China in 1937, Japan attacked. After Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, and France and the United Kingdom declared war against Germany. The second event is considered the beginning of the Second World War. From 1939 to 1941, and the agreement with one of several combat operations in Germany, Italy, with a mitrajota formed through editing, and the regions of Europe, the continent was able to bring his possession or control. Under the agreement, Molotov ribenatrapa Germany and the Soviet Union occupied Poland, Finland and the Baltic countries they took their share. This time, only the United Kingdom and other countries of the Central Powers in the fight against the British House of Commons oyelathabhukta. For example, the long-running wars aphraikara the battle of the Atlantic. In June 1941, the European Axis Power attacked the Soviet Union, which took place due to the introduction of military history, most of the large front. This attack is a big part of the armed forces of the Central Powers was separated from the main battle. In December 1941, Japan and the Pacific Ocean joins aksasaktite European colonies in the United States and the West to attack very quickly they were able to win most of prasanta ocean.


On 7 December 1941, the United States joined the Allies. The attack by the United States, Germany and Japan, two aksasaktii brings some kind of war. On the other hand, Japan’s relationship with China since the middle of the old enmity between the two countries in 1930, the second war, Japan was China. China joined the mitrapakse. <span title=”১৯৪৫ সালে জার্মানি এবং জাপান উভয় দেশের নিঃশর্ত আত্মসমর্পনের মধ্য দিয়েই দ্বিতীয় বিশ্বযুদ্ধের সমাপ্তি ঘটান ।

“>Both the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945 through the end of World War II causes.

The discovery of this new war can be applied to a lot of destructive technologies. The most deadly was applied to nuclear weapons. World War, in the midst of turmoil and the development of weapons of mass destruction by the war came to an end. In 1945, the total cost of the elimination of all punargathana work suggests that the amount of US $ 1 trillion. Immediately after the war, Europe is divided into two parts. Western Europe is part of the segment is another Soviet Russia. Later, the Russian Union collapsed, many small states were born. Western European countries are composed of NATO countries and the whole of Europe to be defined border. Warsaw Pact countries included in the seed set up the nerves. <span title=”এভাবেই দ্বিতীয় বিশ্বযুদ্ধ বিশ্বমঞ্চে অভিনব এক নাটকের অবতারণা ঘটে ।

“>This is a World War II novel plays on the world stage during the introduction.

World War II because of what was going to read a little. Do not bother because it will be read as the history is known.

Because of World War II, there was considerable debate our ideas. However, the majority of which are acceptable to a general concept. The cause of the Allied countries during the post-war policy of appeasement, which became the basis of the agreement indicates that the role of the United States and France. <span title=”প্রথম বিশ্বযুদ্ধের পর জার্মানি ও জাপানের আধিপত্য এবং সাম্রাজ্যবাদকে দায়ী করে এই কারণটি প্রতিষ্ঠা লাভ করে যার কিছু এখানে উল্লেখিত করা হলো ।

“>After the First World War in Germany and Japan, was established domination and imperialism, which is responsible for this reason is referred to here.

After World War I Germany lost almost all of his wealth and power, based on respect. Germany’s imperialist thought was the main cause of economic and military resources in land, retrieved and re-emerged as a world power is. Poland and Ukraine, as well as control of land and fetch sampadasamrddha has served as an objective. Germany had a national aspirations of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I edited out. In this context, the idea that Hitler and his Nazi forces through a national revolution, the country could be organized.


War Poland
The second division of the German advance on the map motoraijada war kobarinera September 17.1939 and police forces retreat.
Check the history of World War II, he began to.
Akramanaera Poland started World War II by the Nazis. In order to disable the non-aggression pact, Germany was the Soviet Union. On the other hand, Poland, Britain and France with the support agreement. September 1, 1939, Poland began. <span title=”৩রা সেপ্টেম্বর মিত্রবাহিনী জার্মানীর বিরুদ্ধে যুদ্ধ ঘোষণা করলেন এবং শুরু হল দ্বিতীয় বিশ্বযুদ্ধ ।

“>The Allies had declared war against Germany on September 3rd and the beginning of World War II.

The first day chinnabichinna Poland gave German storm troops. French and British forces did not find the opportunity to help. It is also known as the West bisbasabhangata. According to the secret negotiations on September 17th attack on the Soviet Union joined forces. Polish officials left the country the next day. The collapse of the Warsaw September 7. He pointed fighting army fort until the end of October 6th.
<span title=”সোভিয়েত ফিনল্যান্ড যুদ্ধ

“>Soviet war in Finland

Finland vs. Germany invaded the Soviet Union during the allied war was the beginning of the Winter War. ,, Lithuania Latvia and Estonia into the Soviet army before the compensation was not agreed to a similar proposal in Finland on November 30, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Finland. Finn very few resources, but their wish was much higher levels of safeguarding the country. Stalin wanted to fight for its own surprise. But the front of his troops were repelled. <span title=”১৪ই ডিসেম্বর রাষ্ট্রপুঞ্জ থেকে সোভিয়েত ইউনিয়নকে বহিষ্কার করা হয় ।

“>December 14, the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations.

The aircraft ,, February 1940 from the Soviet tanks and troops slejabahita phinadera simultaneously attacked the defense line began. After 15 days, they were able to create a gap. On 6 March 1940, Finland had to sue for peace. Although the Soviet Union, according to previous claims sovereignty lelinagrradera several areas near Finland is to give up ownership. Finnish soldier in this war between two million and 70 thousand soldiers died. Stalin’s army was an important military lesson from the war. On the other hand, Hitler’s Soviet power is to create a false impression ,, which lower the impact of Germany’s invasion of Russia.
Norway and Denmark fight
Norway became involved in World War I to its geographical position. Kiruna mine from Sweden to the Baltic Sea in summer and winter narabhika ice-free port in Norway and the Norwegian railways run through the iron karahato Germany. At first, Hitler decided to remain neutral Norway. Meanwhile, just outside the sea narabhikera allies to get to the mine plan. When Hitler invaded France will reveal the plan to suspend operations in Norway ordered. <span title=”১৯৪০ সালের ৯ই এপ্রিল একই সাথে নরওয়ে এবং ডেনমার্কে আগ্রাসন শুরু করা হয় সুইডেনের সাথে যোগাযোগের সুবিধার্থে ।

“>On 9 April 1940, as well as Denmark, Norway and Sweden with the aggression was launched to facilitate communication.

On the one hand narabhikasaha German forces occupied key ports. Parachute troops landed in the airport. Then suddenly entered the city from the airport, the German army occupied. Denmark, Norway surrendered binabadhaya began to fight. Allies started on April 14 in Norway. But they saw back in May. The Germans continued to fight with the enemy was more than narabhike pacaguna until May 7 th. But then worsen the situation in France is becoming mitrasainyadera to return to Norway. Norwegian forces had surrendered, and he took refuge in Britain hakona seventh. <span title=”জার্মানীর জন্য নরওয়ে আর্কটিক সাগর এবং ব্রিটেনের নিকটবর্তী একটি দরকারী নৌ এবং বিমান ঘাটি হিসেবে কাজে দিল ।

“>Norway near the Arctic Sea to Germany and Britain, was used as a useful naval and air base.

May 10, 1940, with France, Belgium and the Netherlands and Luxemburg Germany attacked the four countries. The French thought that would attack France’s border with Germany on the line ranarekha myaginota. Or are aradena through Belgium. They thought that Germany will not be able to penetrate the jungle aradenera pyanajara force. The fall happened in the Netherlands on May 14th. German forces came out on May 14th aradena frustrated by Allied troops chinnabichinna remained strong rush forward. French and British troops hastily retreated through the port danakarka abhiyanabahinira started. On May 6, from 4 June until the end of history, the removal of the troops. However, most of the equipment had to come down. <span title=”এরমাঝে ২৭শে মে বেলজিয়ামের পতন ঘটল ।

“>Eramajhe Belgium on May 7 collapsed.

June 10, Italy declared war. 0 June, they began to attack. The French government withdrew the distance, and then Bordeaux. June 14 in Paris fell. Reno resigns as prime minister on June 16th, and the hero of the First World War came to petya instead. Twenty June 4 June, German, Italian, French and German peace treaty is signed. Most areas of France took jarmanira. A few places but throughout the petya an independent government was formed under the influence of Germany. <span title=”এটি ভিশি ফ্রান্স নামে পরিচিত হয় ।

“>This is known as bhisi France.

Attack the Baltic region
Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union for the Romanian oil ploisti needed. In 1940, Germany, Romania signed the oil weapon. Germany, Hungary and Romania negotiated causes disagreements. King Carol II of Romania, the son of Michael, the movement has started to hand over the crown to the German army, and the army chief called antanesku. October 1, 1940, German troops landed in Bucharest. The diplomatic misunderstandings disturb the 8 th October 1940, Mussolini invaded Greece from Albania. But that did not prevent the Greeks just the opposite took one-third of Albania in December. In addition krite down British troops. Turkey set to mobilize. Bulgaria and Yugoslavia sat curved neutral.


Hungary and Romania and Slovakia, Hitler quickly took up aksacuktite. The March German troops descended from Bulgaria. Prince Paul of Yugoslavia joined the axis on March 7. Two days later, under the leadership of General simobhicera rastrabiplaba, and the 17-year-old king, who ascended the throne of Peter II. Changes in national policy. On April 6, the same day, air strikes and sent troops through Bulgaria and Austria, Germany invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. April Yugoslavia and Greece on April 17, two surrendered. He conquered Crete. Yugoslavia would disintegrate aksasaktira share. <span title=”তবে পুরো যুদ্ধ জুড়ে দ্রজা হিমাজলোচির নেতৃত্বে সেন্টিক দল এবং জোসেফ টিটোর নেতৃত্বে কমিউনিস্ট দল গেরিলা আক্রমণ চালিয়ে যান ।

“>However, throughout the whole fight draja sentika team led by himajalocira and Joseph Tito, the Communist Party led by continued guerrilla attacks.

North Africa:
Conflict and political instability in the context of the aganitasankhyaka people became refugees. At the end of war in Europe alone more than 40 million people were refugees. World War II Allies in 1943, the United Nations Relief and rehabilitation organization ‘iuenaaraarae’ ‘was formed. Including control of the Central Powers in World War II in Europe, whose primary mission was and is to help refugees from China. With the help of their control, and 7 million people returned to their dwellings. But the one million refugees refused to go back.
<span title=”বিশ্বযুদ্ধের শেষ মাসে প্রায় পাঁচ মিলিয়ন জার্মান বেসামরিক নাগরিক পূর্ব প্রুশিয়া, পোমারানিয়া এবং সিলেসিয়া রাজ্য থেকে রেড আর্মির প্রচণ্ড আক্রমণের হাত থেকে রক্ষার লক্ষ্যে ম্যাকলেনবার্গ, ব্রান্ডেনবার্গ এবং স্যাক্সনিতে উদ্বাস্তু হিসেবে আশ্রয় নেন ।

“>The last months of World War I, nearly five million German civilians in East Prussia, Silesia pomaraniya and to protect them from the onslaught of the Red Army, Mecklenburg, brandenabarga and syaksanite as refugees took shelter.

Allies decided not to approve the conference patasadyama Yugoslavia and Romania for the return of thousands of ethnic jarmanaderake slave labor in the Soviet Union sent. This was the greatest in the history of the world’s refugees, the process of transfer. 15 million Germans were all included. <span title=”এছাড়াও দুই মিলিয়নেরও অধিক জার্মান বিশ্বযুদ্ধকালীন সময়ে বিতাড়িত হয়ে প্রাণ হারান ।

“>Also, more than two million Germans were driven out during World War were killed.

Source: Information collected from the Internet.
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