10.30 minutes at night. Friends were preparing to go to the canteen to eat dinner. Anakarara combat aircraft in the sky suddenly heard a lot of friends. He thought, What is it? Tuddha war began or what? Kyantidera went on. Dekhi noticed the way other people do. Others asked what happened? No one could answer.
Breaking News TV canteen and saw the bridge that connects Asia and Europe in Istanbul, the army stopped the car standing. Possibly he was still thinking of the terrorist attacks happened. So be alert.
After a while but the situation began to change in front of his eyes. Istanbul Ataturk Airport took off the airport army tanks. After a while pradhanamantri binali Yildirim told the media that the army has been a part of the coup. But we will not discount them.
But the friend of the Prime Minister’s speech was not any hope. Everything that is in the possession of the army. AK Party’s presidential office and government offices and many offices and even state TV. Around 1 pm, after some of the state TV announced that the military regime has been issued. Do not let anyone out on the street. Since then, the army will land.
The whole hatabamba became friends. What will happen to the country? Social darametarira the canteen army tanks on the road constantly patrolling samanepasera TV. The fear and grief! The end of the land!
The president has not been able to speak to the media. He was on a private visit to another town. 1230 at around 3/4 minutes of a media sbaipite president was able to give a statement. He called upon all the streets and return to the airport in Istanbul said. He said clearly that I am elected president, a perverse dibenana anyone to be successful. I’m gonna come to the airport to go to the president said. You will come out to the streets with.
Erdogan was within 10-15 minutes of the announcement, people started to go down the street. The friend saw it with my own eyes how an army canteen in front of the tank suddenly lay people. Tried to block the tank. The whole of Turkey, several million people on the streets. Army forces are fighting a lot. Some places are bombing from the army on the side of the government and all political parties united in their stance against kyuyera offered. However, the situation is totally out of control. However, a few million people who already receive eradoyanake of Istanbul airport, US forces captured tanks. Janajoyare army stepped back from the airport.
The president arrived at the airport at around 4 pm when there was still the sound of gunshots in various places in Istanbul. Erdogan gave a speech and told the press conference that they have failed. There are still those who are outside the barracks to go back to their barracks in the phetullaha jananaara calls were organized under the leadership of gulenera.
Friends Live dekhatechila the TV. I mean the head of a rebel fighter tathano Erdogan on the airport is a huge exercise. Let a group of them, led by Chief of the Naval Special Forces, police and the government were in favor of their position. The chief of staff was held hostage in the hands of the rebels.
Morning came. Taksim Square in Istanbul around 5am 6 basapharasa bridge, arakarara president until 2839, when people from different places pyalesasaha rebel army was arrested. Now the situation perfectly niyantranetabe the people still on the streets. The troops have been killed so far to deal with the 17 people, including 161 civilians. However, this number may rise further. So far, 1440 people were injured. If successful, another CC kyute in Turkey, Egypt would have been used to date. But yesterday’s coup failed to deal successfully Turkish Islam and democracy is strengthened. Incredibly, all the people in the face of frequent slogan of Allahu Akbar mukhorita takabhira the whole of Turkey. Turkey pulled from 1am the call from the mosques were being circulated. And the courage to call for people to hit the road to the mosque were. This means a revolution.
President Erdogan bold leadership role in uniting all the political parties and the people of this rare example of self-sacrifice would be a milestone in contemporary political history.