We have a lot of things in life that I use is one of the weak powered. Many people do not want to password particularly concerned. So do simple password mud. Many people forget that he gave the password, which is very easy to break. Some of the ridiculous had complicated password. But it does not matter to hackers to break. Take a look at some of those weak passwords.
Starwars staraoyarasa
This year, many for the force ayaokenasa photo muktira staraoyarasa word bothered. Has been used as the password. But very easy to break the password. Hackers to understand if your password
Passw0rd Password
Many folks use the word password as the password has very wisely. O instead of zero if the password is easy to break. Splasadeta says it is very easy to break.
Solo Solo
Independent Single people often use the password. Some of the special character of the password with a lot of time trying to do is not easy. But these hackers are very common password.
It seems like a very complicated? Look at the time of the Board’s computer. What is the letter of the first row? Sajalei will be available after the password. This is very common passwords to hackers.
Princess Princess
Many women think princess loves himself. Passwords are the fruit of the rose. Splasadeta says it is common passwords list at number five.
Login Login
Many fear sabdatakei Password Forgot your password as a friend. Log in to see the monitor, so that the sound can remember passwords. And kellaphate hackers.
I’m very curious to see it? 1 See what’s on the board at the time. What is konakuni her down? What you see below 2 konakuni the same way there? So you understand how much your password straight to the bar?
And there is nothing new to say about the password. Please do not use it.
Welcome Welcome
Splasadeta last year, according to the most commonly used password welcome.
Nor is this the password 12345000 or 0123 or 00000 09876543210 or all of the
Have been asked to refrain