Humayun memory

   হুমায়ূন আহমেদ স্মরণে

The fourth death on July 19 celebrated writer Humayun Ahmed. Humayun dedicate the day to commemorate the drama Mad theta natima naddiu. Bangladesh Academy of Arts at 7 pm, the play will be staged at the Studio Theatre Hall. Humayun Ahmed’s novel, “a few words” to dramatize natima naddiu.
Asadul conversion and the direction of the play. Varun associate director Mr. Huq. Set and Light Design Faiz Zahir Aryan Meghdoot clothing Sonia Hassan and background music.
Matin, a poet. Imagine yourself think that he was an Uzbek poet. He dreams of the fair white skin color, wearing a dress like a cloak, long face, sharp eyes ??. Matin Matin live in another. Matin Ahmed became naddiu natima day. Matin classmate nisu heart is all it takes. Rates sentiments beraleo rafting spirit sank, and he understands that he is not worthy nisura daughter as a scholar. Matin newspaper one day be seen on a small three-line ad-tutor is a constant need to be considered as personal creativity tiutarera, attractive salaries. Rates of pay results in power being a poet, a temporary stop, a mentally retarded child’s tutor at the Kamal added. Matin made its dissatisfaction because he was dismissed from the post of tutor. Thus, the story of the play goes on.
In fact, Humayun Ahmed, “a few words” to dramatize the novel started with Mad thetarera.