kepler Works

Mysterium cosmographicum (holy mysteries of the universe) (1596)
Astronomiae Pars Optica (astronomy, optics related parts) (1604)
De Stella nova in pede Serpentarii (aphiyakasera foot on the new star) (1604)
Astronomia nova (New Astronomy) (1609)
Tertius Interveniens (third party intervention) (1610)
Dissertatio cum Nuncio Sidereo (Conversation with the Starry Messenger) (1610)
Dioptrice (1611)
De nive sexangula (On the Six-Cornered Snowflake) (1611)
De vero Anno, quo aeternus Dei Filius humanam naturam in Utero benedictae Virginis Mariae assumpsit (1613)
Eclogae Chronicae (1615 was published in connection with Dissertatio cum Nuncio Sidereo)
Nova stereometria doliorum vinariorum (New Stereometry of Wine Barrels) (1615)
Epitome astronomiae Copernicanae (Epitome of Copernican Astronomy) (3 volumes published between 161821)
Harmonice Mundi (Harmony of the Worlds) (1619)
Mysterium cosmographicum second edition (1621)
Rudolphine Tables (Rudolf List) (1627)
Somnium (Dream) (1634)

Named in his honor

The Kepler space observatory – the sun is the center abartanarata a telescope to search for Earth-like planets. 008 NASA sends it.
Kepler-paisom polyhedron – a set of geometric form. He described two of them.
Kepler’s Star – Supernova 1604, which he discovered and described.
Kepler – a crater on the Moon
Kepler – a crater on Mars
1134 Kepler – an asteroid
Johannes Kepler University Linz – Austria lintse establishment in 1957, after 9 years of the “College for Social and Economic Sciences” by changing the name of it is. Kepler College is known for his Magnum opasa Harmonice Mundi wrote.
Kepalarastrase – Frankfurt is located near a road hanaute
Kepalarabryuke – Graz, Austria
Kepler Launch Center – spacecraft and rocket center
Keplerplatz – Vienna U-Bahn rapid transit metro system used by a station on the U1 line