PayPal is starting activities in Bangladesh


After much speculation of the international online payment system PayPal, starting next month. PayPal has an agreement with the State-owned bank in this regard. However, an officer of the bank signed the agreement on behalf of the Deputy General Manager. The first draft of the agreement signed on behalf of the bank, it is sent to the headquarters of PayPal. From there, has been signed on behalf of PayPal.
According to bank officials say, under the agreement, PayPal remittance, income easily and safely in the IT sector can be freelancers. Before signing the agreement on behalf of the feasibility study is PayPal.
In this regard, the bank’s managing director Mohammad Didar. Abdur Rob, said the draft agreement signed at the end of all kinds of observations were sent to PayPal’s head office. PayPal has also recently signed an agreement to ensure that the authorities had sent us. Hopefully soon we’ll get agreement. PayPal’s service will start from next month. As a result of the government’s initiatives are being carried out in the agreement.
And the introduction of PayPal and Technology Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak the information, said the prime minister of information and communications technology adviser Joy Joy leadership and supervision of the activities of the users, the beginning of a long way to making steady progress. Phrilyansarasaha I hope people can give good news in a few days.
Earlier in July, the United States, PayPal’s vice president met with 015 IT Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak. The meeting was attended by outgoing BASIS President Shameem Ahsan. The meeting brought PayPal money transfer companies, but rather the beginning of the zoom operation in Bangladesh said. Minister of State at the meeting on the current business opportunities and policy support PayPal assured. PayPal Bangladesh to introduce their own internal review of the activities and prospects of the Company that he will look into the matter said. Finally, taking into reality the promises and efforts.