Bengali language movement in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh took place in a cultural and political movement. Protecting the fundamental rights of the Bengali language movement caused by surrounding the establishment of Pakistan as one of the state reflected the people’s demands. The movement became final on 1 February, 195 in fact, long before the seeds were rapita. On the other hand, and was the result of the reaction of the British India was divided on the basis of two-nation theory suduraprasara in 1947 was the emergence of Pakistan. But the two parts 1. East Pakistan and II. In the cultural, geographical and linguistic from West Pakistan, there was a fundamental difference. In 1948, the government of Pakistan declared that Urdu would be the state of Pakistan. The announcement of the Bengali-speaking East Pakistan in the context of the deep anger of the masses and the adverse reaction. Practically speaking people of East Pakistan, parts of the decision that he could not accept the sudden and unjustified and mentally all the time, they were not prepared. And as a consequence, the demand for Bangla equal dignity of movement in East Pakistan flared up again. Section 144 imposed in Dhaka city police to suppress the movement of illegal assembly and procession were banned.

As the rights of the 195 rally in Dhaka on February 1
195 on 1 February 1358 in Bengal since the 8th of February, he disobeys a large number of university students and progressive political activists started the procession. And he’s really close to the procession of Dhaka Medical College police brutally opened fire on protesters at 144 contempt plea. On that day he was shot dead by Rafiq, Salam, barakatasaha others. Stained with the blood of the martyrs became the highway. The impact was that the outrage over the whole of East Pakistan tragedy parekramabardhamana face of mass upsurge of Pakistan’s central government was finally forced to surrender through a constitutional change in 1956 was granted official status to the Bengali language of Pakistan.

British regions of the Indian subcontinent gained independence in 1947 and four in 1948, became a sovereign state in India, Burma and Ceylon, which is now known as Myanmar, which was included in the current Sri Lanka and Pakistan, in which East Pakistan, which is now known as Bangladesh.
The present state of the British rule in Pakistan and Bangladesh were part of undivided India. From the middle of the nineteenth century, some Muslim political and religious leaders and the Urdu language salimullah Sir, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk and Maulvi Maulvi Abdul Haq was promoted to the lingua franca of Indian Muslims. Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language of the Indo-Iranian branch members. The language is also included in the Indo-European language family. Indo-Aryan language Pali Prakrit corruption of the Urdu language of the medieval Persian and Arabic and Turkish on the linguistic status of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire’s influence in South Asia are developed at. Persian Islamic culture for Indian Muslims of Arabic script, the language was considered a vital part of the Hindi and the Devanagari lipike hataurdura consider using elements of Hinduism in northern India gradually began to gain popularity among Muslims. But the Muslims of Bengal, a province in the eastern part of the British Indian Bengali primarily used as their main language. Middle Eastern Languages Bengali Indo arising from an eastern Indo-Aryan language, which developed during the Renaissance. Since the end of the nineteenth century pioneer in the education of Muslim women roquiah EC Bengali language and literature began to study the spread of modern languages developed since then. Supporters of Bengali opposed Urdu began even before the partition of India. In 1937, the Lucknow session of the Muslim League in Bengal Urdu delegation had rejected the lingua franca of Indian Muslims. <span title=”মুসলিম লীগ ছিল ব্রিটিশ ভারতের একটি রাজনৈতিক দল যা ভারত বিভাজনের সময় পাকিস্তানকে একটি মুসলিম রাষ্ট্র হিসেবে প্রতিষ্ঠার ব্যাপারে অগ্রণী ভূমিকা পালন করে।

“>The Muslim League was a political party in British India during the partition of India and Pakistan, which played a pioneering role with regard to the establishment of a Muslim state.

As the movement
After the partition of India in East Pakistan in 1947, known as the East Bengali speaking population of 4 million to 40 million people, 6 million to 90 million new citizens into Pakistan. But the Pakistani government, the administration and the military was dominated by West Pakistanis. In 1947, the National Education Conference held in Karachi, Pakistan is an important declaration of Urdu as the only state media and the recommendation for the use of schools are offering only Urdu. The proposal was immediately opposed and protested. The rally Bengal state of Pakistan and East Pakistan as a medium of education is a strong demand. But the Pakistan Public Service Commission removed from the index of Bengal and with their loved one currency and abolished stamp from the Bengali characters. Central Education Fazlur Rahman Malik, Pakistan’s Urdu the only state to make extensive preparations for that reason karenaara widespread outrage in East Pakistan was created on December 8, 1947, and a large gathering of students of Dhaka University premises Bengal state maryadadanera formal demands. The students organized rallies and processions in Dhaka to demand karenanetrsthaniya Urdu, Bengali scholars opined against the state. Pakistan Urdu, the local language was not mentioned in any part of Shahidullah linguist. He said that we are required to determine if a second state language, but we can consider Urdu. Writer Abul Mansur Ahmed said if Urdu is the national language of the educated society of East Pakistan are illiterate and inappropriate in all public posts “will be. At the end of December 1947 Bengal state was formed with the support of the State Council. Tamaddun Majlis Professor Nurul Huq Bhuiyan was the convenor. MP Shamsul Haq, convener of the new committee and the state of Bengal was further strengthened.
Dutt said the state assembly Dhirendranath
On 3 February 1948, in English and Urdu, as well as members of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in Bengal speech and language for official purposes banlana lawmaker introduced a proposed amendment provided Dhirendranath dattainrejite speech Bangla as the language of the majority ethnic group refers to Dhirendranath demanded Bengal state. Nor official papers protested against the use of Bengali language and Bhupendra Kumar Datta Barman premahari tinisansada member and Shrishchandra Chatterjee said he welcomed the proposal. East Pakistan was a member of parliament, and their support for the East was reflected in the opinion. Muslim Khan, a member of the leadership council of the Muslim League tamijuddina at all opposed to this proposal. Sir Khawaja spoke opposed the proposal. He said that most of the people of East Bengal Urdu would be the state. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan said Pakistan’s attempt to create division. Millions of Muslims in Pakistan’s Urdu language, he said, the state could only be Urdu. After much debate, the amendment was rejected votes. The Muslim member of the parliamentary delegation due to objections raised Dhirendranath Dutta could not support the amendment.

What was the reaction?
Assembly starts at the first reaction. February 6 jabi University of Dhaka Medical College and university students marched to the Jagannath College. Most educational institutions in the city was organized by the students boycotted classes. The strike was announced on February 9 and the whole of East Pakistan and the strike was a protest day. Police baton-charged demonstrators instigated by the government, which has arrested many leaders. At that time played an important role in meeting Tamaddun. Fazlul Huq Hall of Dhaka University students March rally was one of the intellectuals. <span title=”সে সভায় দ্বিতীয়বারের মত রাষ্ট্রভাষা সংগ্রাম পরিষদ গঠন করা হয় এবং শামসুল আলম আহ্বায়ক নির্বাচিত হন।

“>The second meeting of the State Council was formed, and was elected leader Shamsul Alam.

Two representatives of the Council and other organizations to make arrangements for students to hayasekhana March 11 strike and Dhirendranath Dutt thanked for his courageous role.
March 11, March 10, Fazlul Huq program to determine if a meeting is held. As planned, the morning of March 11, the university students came out of the hall. Complete strike was observed in Dhaka University and other educational institutions. Ramna post office in the morning when a group of students were arrested. A group of students in front of the Secretariat in connection with political leaders, Nawab Abdul Ghani Road, participated piketinye. The collapse of the Constituent Assembly, the Prime Minister’s residence Burdhaman House of Jagannath Hall Auditorium of the Bengali Academy and stood in front of the High Court and the Secretariat office to the exclusion of all the different places pressure on them to face baton charge by police. At one point, the protesters and the education minister Syed Mohammad Afzal Abdul Hamid was forced to sign resignation. The government summoned the army to quell the protests. Genres brigadier commanding officer of East Pakistan, Ayub Khan, Pakistan’s president after a group of soldiers under Major Peerzada auto assembly appointed and brought out through the Khwaja Nazimuddin baburcikhanara. He held a protest meeting in the afternoon spoiled by the police and arrested some of them. Shamsul Haq was among those arrested, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Oli Ahad, Shawkat Ali, Kazi Golam Mahbub, Raushan Alam, Rafiqul Alam, Abdul Latif Talukder Mohammad Nasiruddin Shah, Nurul Islam, and many more. <span title=”সে সভায় সভাপতিত্ব করেন নঈমুদ্দিন আহমদ।

“>He naimuddina Ahmed presided over the meeting.

Khawaja Nazimuddin agreement with
11 dated 15th March 1 strike since he is. Sir Khawaja struggle in the face of the severity of the March 15 meeting of the Council met with the leaders. Abul Kasem struggle on behalf of the Council, kamaruddina Ahmad, Mohammad Toha, Syed Nazrul Islam, Abdur Rahman Chowdhury and others took part. Negotiable between the two parties was signed on 8 agreement. The main reason for the government’s flexible attitude in the face of the student movement was coming to Dhaka on 19 March jinnahra. Before he came to her and to calm the situation and agreed Nizamuddin agreement. But Bengal state when the claim has not been accepted so far. Agreement on the release of prisoners arrested during the protests, police repression and impartial investigation, given the state of Bengal and the medium of instruction, etc. were included in the ban on the newspaper.


What happened to Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s visit to Dhaka
Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 1 March 1948, a speech declared that “Urdu would be the state” on 19 March 1948, the architect and the Governor-General of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah arrived. This was his first visit to Pakistan after the partition of India in the east. Suhrawardy Udyan racecourse on March 1 of the current public reception, and there he delivered a speech. In his speech he referred to as the language of the movement to create rift among the Muslims of Pakistan. However, he said the language of the province of East Bengal will be determined by the inhabitants of the province; <span title=”কিন্তু দ্ব্যর্থহীন চিত্তে ঘোষণা করেন যে "উর্দুই হবে পাকিস্তানের একমাত্র রাষ্ট্রভাষা অন্য কোনো ভাষা নয়"।

“>But clearly declared that “Urdu is a language of the state of Pakistan.”

He also warned that “those people who are traitors and enemies of Pakistan will never be forgiven.” Jinnahra demonstrate the adverse immediate comment on the part of the student population. Urdu would be the state of the art of one-sided protesters became angry at Curzon Hall of Dhaka University on March 24, he spoke of the same type. He mentioned that this movement is a sign of narrow outlook, and some people complained of seeking to satisfy their interests. Urdu when he reiterated his position that does not appear in the students shouted a loud othenaekai jinnahra the State Council met with a delegation and gave a memorandum demanding Bengal state. Shamsul Haq and Kamaruddina delegation and Abul Kasem Ahmad, Tajuddin Ahmed, Mohammad Toha, Aziz Ahmed, Oli Ahad, naimuddina Ahmed, Shamsul Alam and Nazrul Islam. But Jinnah Khawaja Nazimuddin agreement signed with the one-sided and refused to be performed under pressure. <span title=”অনেক তর্ক বিতর্ক ও অনিশ্চয়তার মধ্য দিয়ে সভাটি অনুষ্ঠিত হয়।

“>Many argue, and the uncertainty of the meeting was held.

Students submitted a memorandum to jinnahra for Bengal state. Jinnah left Dhaka on March 8, and about the radio that evening speech reiterated his earlier position. After leaving jinnahra Dhaka League and a meeting was held where the gathering Tamaddun Tamaddun Shamsul Alam, convener of the gathering, Mohammad Toaha handed over his duties. The communists blamed for the failure of the movement Tamaddun Majlis gave a statement, and then they slowly moved away from the movement.
Liaquat Ali Khan, visited Dhaka
On 18 November 1948, Pakistan’s first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, visited East Pakistan. November 7 Dhaka University playground chatrasabhaya he addressed. The meeting of the Dhaka University Central Students Union demanded from the manapatre Bengali language was raised again. But he did not adopt any comment. November 17, Ataur Rahman Khan presided over a meeting of the State Working Committee Aziz Ahmed, Abul Kasem, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, kamaruddina Ahmed, Abdul Mannan, Tajuddin Ahmed and the Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan wrote in a memorandum sent to. If the prime minister did not respond.
A few days after the government of East Bengali language is a detailed explanation of the problem of East Bengali language committee, led by Maulana Akram Khan gathanakara and was asked to prepare a report on this issue. The committee in its report dated 6 December 1950, then in 1958, before it was published. The language to solve problems in an effective system of government is offering to write the letter in Arabic Bengal, where they recommended.


195 on 4 February Nawabpur Jagannath University (jabi) (The Jagannath College) students procession.
195 in the language revival movement
Strong emotional subject matter of the language movement, the 195 re-Khawaja Nazimuddin speech on January 7 serves as the main controller. Prime Minister Khawaja Nazimuddin came to Dhaka on January 5 and January 7 long addressed a public meeting at Paltan Maidan. He said the state will have to repeat the sentiments jinnahra Urdu. Live radio broadcast of his speech, he also mentioned that the state of a nation can be strong pareninajimuddinera two speeches, protests against the State Council on January 9 and January 30 at a meeting of the student strike. University student leaders gathered amatalaya day strike on February 4 and February 1 protest meetings and celebrations of the province decided to strike. Then they brought out a procession Burdhaman House moved towards the Bengali Academy. The meeting held at the Bar Library Hall of Dhaka University, led by Maulana based 40-member all-party meeting in the central state employees formed hayase Bengali writing Arabic script was vehemently opposed the government’s proposal and support the decision to strike was taken at a meeting on 30 January. Council 1 February strikes, rallies and processions in accordance with the detailed action plan adopted on 4 February karepurba Dhaka University and other educational institutions, students gathered at the university premises. Proposal from the Arabic script to write Bengali protest rally and demanded the adoption of Bangla as a state. Students out a huge protest rally at the end of their meeting.
Local government administration from February 1 through February at 0 for one month ban on rallies and processions in the Section 144. Section 144. If the meetings of university students decided. 0 Islamia Road the night of February 94 in the central office of the Awami Muslim League activist Hashim State Council, chaired the all-party meeting was held. Some members of the Council for violating the ban, but finally decided not to violate Section 144 11-3 vote. 0 of Dhaka University on the night of February of the same subject in separate meetings were held. Dormitory in the evening when it was decided to break the 144 Fakir Shahabuddin in the chair. The meeting was led by Fazlul Huq Hall Abdul Momin. According to the proposal Shahabuddin Ahmed took charge of the State Council announced the decision and Shamsul Alam, Abdul Momin.

February 1 195 144 for breach of the old opera house on the premises of the historic student union amatalaya.
On that day, according to a predetermined program from 9am to students of different educational institutions were gathered in the university premises. They chanted slogans against the imposition of section 144 and the East Bengal Legislative Assembly to consider the views of members of the general public about the language to call it. Armed police surrounded the meeting place. Dean of the Faculty and Vice-Chancellor of the university were present at the time. At a quarter past eleven, students gathered at the gate was preparing to hit the road when police fired tear gas to break barriers that warn students. Some students of Dhaka Medical College at that time, but instead of running away, the rest of the university premises was blocked by police, and the police continued to protest against the invasion. The vice-chancellor asked police fired tear gas to stop and ordered students to leave the university area. But some 144 students to leave the campus during the violence broke out when police arrested for violating section. Many of the students arrested were released Tejgaon. Students also demonstrated their anger over the incident, he re-started.

195 2 February on the eve of violating section 144 of the old opera house courtyard.
At two pm the members of the Legislative Council to join the Assembly to come to their students. But the situation changed dramatically when some students decide to go to the legislature to raise their demands. The students went to the legislature for the running of the hostel around 3pm, police opened fire. Police shootings Abdul Jabbar and Rafiq Uddin Ahmed died on the spot. Nor Abdus Salam, Abul barakatasaha others were killed at that time. Ahiullaha 8/9 Years Day, a teen-ager was killed. When news of the killing spread, people came to the scene and took the initiative. After a while the offices are closed shops and transport. The movement started with the students takes the form of a people’s movement. The artist’s decision to strike an instant radio artists and radio stations continued to broadcast previously recorded programs.
At that time, the Constituent Assembly was in session preparation. Police learned of the news conference a few rooms left opposition, Maulana tarkabagisasaha angry students came forward. Entertain hold the Constituent Assembly, Basanta Kumar Das, Shamsuddin Ahmed and small, including six members Dhirendranath Dutt, Chief Minister Nurul Amin was asked to leave the hospital to see the wounded students, and to suspend the session to display grief Maulana Abdur Rashid tarkabagisa balenakosagara department, Sharfuddin Ahmed, Ahmed and Khandaker samasuddina this program was supported and masaleuddina Ahmed. Nurul Amin, however, did not request and the session of the Bengali language as opposed to the other leaders spoke.

Dhaka Medical College premises at the end of February, two large funeral procession was brought out.
On that day, members of the opposition raised the issue of the Legislative Council. The prime minister, Amin declared to the hospital to see the wounded students, and urged the assembly. This call was supported by some members of the ruling party. Amin did not respond to their call, but continued with the meeting and refused to go to hospital.
On February two marches and demonstrations across the country became rough. In addition to violating Section 144 people mourned thakenabibhinna office clerks and students joined the procession. Secretariat officials and the civil society visited the Dhaka Medical College hostel. The funeral was held on their participation. At the end of the funeral procession was attended by a large. 30 thousand people in a procession around 11am Curzon Hall is on the move. At first the police tried to remove them, and eventually opened fire on them. 4 people were killed in the incident, as well as the government.
Similarly, funeral processions were held in different parts of the city. People from other institutions, including colleges, banks came to take part in the procession. In the afternoon, another huge procession was attacked by the police. Two of the leading pro-government mob Jubilee Press and the Morning News newspaper office was set on fire. The Jubilee morning newspaper went out from the press.
The incident took place in a variety of attacks and killings by the police on the same day. Islamia Road, police fired massive funeral procession. Shafiur Rahman of Dhaka High Court employees were killed in the shootings, oyahidullaha and nine year old boy named Abdul auyalaekai ahidullaha the bodies appeared to have yayajanasruti police removing some number of dead bodies.
The government on February 1 and two powerful propaganda against the movement continued. They are trying to persuade people here and in the communist persuasion pakistanabirodhidera students were attacked by the police. They continued to promote them in different ways. They are distributed across the country by the publicity. News is distributed according to their wishes to stress newspapers. As well as the continued massive arrest of the general public and students. 5 February Abul Barkat brothers filed a case in the paper tried to show a lack of government did not accept the case. Rafiquddin Ahmad’s family took a similar effort for the same reason, he also was canceled. April 8, the government began investigating. But the medical reports did not show any significant college students to shoot. The government promised action, the Council rejected the report. The question before the assembly session began on April 14 when the state moves. Like many members of the public in favor of ending the problem, but he is silent about the role played by members of the Muslim League. They voted against it matter if it was postponed for an indefinite period. Through the Constituent Assembly since February 1 st and two Bengali language to speak on behalf of the promise. Seminar times when the party’s central working committee on April 7 called for a seminar and to the government and demanded 1 point. Students rally April 16 was the day when the university opened. League leader Abdul Matin, after the arrest of the head of the committee, the committee is punargathita again.
Central Shaheed Minar
The students of Dhaka Medical College of Shahid Minar began on the night of February 3. 4 finish work early date. It was built so that the paper was written in a hand-written monument. He was sent to the daily newspapers of the day reported the construction of the Shaheed Minar. The title is printed in the memory of heroes killed in the Shaheed Minar news daily newspaper.
The Shaheed Minar in Dhaka Medical College hostel on the east side of the shade barrack number of times. Ga konakunibhabe hostel situated in the middle of the street. The purpose of the road can be seen easily from the inside, and came out of the camp can be seen as a long drawn on the stand. Shaheed Minar was 10 feet high and 6 feet wide. GS Sharafuddin was under the supervision of the tower, known as the Engineer Sharafuddin was the design drawings Badiul Alam. Sayed Haider was with them. Two masons who helped build the Shaheed Minar. Stored up for the expansion of the Medical College of sand bricks and cement are brought from the warehouse of old Dhaka piyaru chiefs. Minaratise was covered with a cloth after dawn the next morning, February 4 killed saphiurera father informally inaugurated Shaheed Minar Shaheed Minar at ten o’clock in the morning on February 26 was inaugurated by the Secretary Abul Kalam Shamsuddin Azad daily. On February 6, the opening day of the Pakistan army, police and medical students surrounded the residential hostels and broke the Shaheed Minar. <span title=”তারপর ঢাকা কলেজেও একটি শহীদ মিনার তৈরি করা হয় সেটিও একসময় সরকারের নির্দেশে ভেঙে ফেলা হয়।

“>The Shaheed Minar in Dhaka College is a time also was demolished on government orders.

Finally, the recognition of Bangla as the state of Pakistan in 1957, officially started the Central Shaheed Minar. Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hussain Shaheed Minar headed the committee, under the supervision of the construction work was completed in 1963. And 1 February 1963, the mother of a martyr blessings karenaphebruyari 5 on the opening of the minaret, mill-town factory workers called for a strike. <span title=”ফেব্রুয়ারির ২৯ তারিখে প্রতিবাদে অংশগ্রহকারীরা ব্যাপক পুলিশী হামলার শিকার হন।

“>On February 9 the police attacked the protest ansagrahakarira.

After the events of 1 February shooting of the twenty-first vybf jvcb Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury song lyrics are: My brother’s bloody ETV February, I recommend it. The first song was composed Abdul Latif. In 1954, after returning to Dhaka from Karachi Altaf Mahmud was composed again. Twenty prabhatapherira songs that came out of that. Altaf Mahmud ganatii the tune is played. Hasan Hafizur Rahman edited version was published in 1954. The song ETV. The government banned the group. Zahir Raihan use this song to his life after the film’s popularity gained prevalence. 1 February as the International Mother Language Day, recognized by the international community after the song began to gain more fame. The song has been translated into Swedish and Japanese. BBC listener poll of the best song in the Bengali language has won third place in the list.
My brother’s bloody February ETV
My brother’s bloody February ETV
I recommend it
A mother’s tears made chelehara of February
I recommend it
Amar Sonar Bangla in the bloody February
<span title=”আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি।।

“>I recommend it..

Naginira Jago Jago Jago naginira kalabosekhira
BG kampuka protest the killing of children today,
The golden boy of murder claims rokhe
Still, you are able to transition over changing?
No, no, no, do not kill him, flushed in the history of the last judgment
<span title=”একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি।

“>ETV ETV February February.

Until recently, such a Blue Sky at the end of the winter basane
Smile and kiss the moon took place at night;
Alakananda tuberose blooms in the streets,
<span title=”এমন সময় ঝড় এলো এক ঝড় এলো খ্যাপা বুনো।।

“>When the storm came a wild storm came off the rails ..

The familiar face of darkness,
Confer with their mother, sister, brother and hatred
They claim the soul of this country fired rokhe
Woe unto them kick this around the chest
They are not in this country,
They sell the fate of the country
They are human food, clothes, have peace kari
<span title=”একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি।।

“>ETV ETV February February ..

You wake up today and you wake up today on ETV
The son of a valiant hero still oppression of women die in prison
I call upon the spirit of the martyred Brothers
Wake up at the latent strength in the marketplace at Butt
Jbalabo exasperation on fire again
<span title=”একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি।।

“>ETV ETV February February ..

The final stage from 1953 to 1956
Martyrs Day celebrations in memory of the party’s central working committee decided on February 1. Awami League’s acting general secretary, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, agreed to carry out the day. Students peacefully on February 1, 1953 February 18 signed an agreement with the administration to perform. Anniversary of the martyrs of the Language Movement Day is celebrated across the country in a befitting manner. Most offices, banks and educational institutions were closed. Prabhatapherite joined people from different regions. Thousands of people came to the University premises and wore black badges symbolizing mourning procession left the compound. Volunteers were assigned to prevent violence. Held in Armanitola massive rally was held in the presence of nearly a million people. One-point rally demanded the release of political prisoners Bhasani, as well as every claim is demanded. Railway officials claim the students agreed with the strike. They paid homage to the martyrs of the students of the university hostel. The finance minister Fazlur Rahman said that Pakistan wants to Bengal state. He was disappointed in his speech, the badge looks black. Among the common people of the state want to write Bengali is distributed with a commemorative badge. Language Struggle Committee has called a meeting to celebrate the day. To further expedite the movement of a variety of cultural events are held. A number of magazines are published. Language Movement immortal original inspirational music … My brother’s bloody leaflet was published that year in the form of a poem. On the night of February 1, 1954, the black flag hoisted on the roof of Hall of Dhaka University students were arrested during the police.