20 of police recruitment is more to curb militants bangladesh

জঙ্গি দমনে নিয়োগ পাচ্ছে আরও ২০ হাজার পুলিশ

Capacity building of law enforcement agencies to curb militants within the year, the government also decided in principle to appoint 0 of police. Any kind of violence against the members of the police will be in the hands of sophisticated weapons. <span title=”তাদের দেওয়া হবে আন্তর্জাতিক মানের প্রশিক্ষণ।

“>They will be given training on international standards.

Senior Ministry of Finance confirmed pratidinake Secretary Mahbub Ahmed said Bangladesh, rising fears of militant attacks across the country that we are giving the highest priority to the proposal to increase the capacity of law enforcement agencies raksabahinira. 50 thousand new police recruit was proposed to the Ministry of Interior. 0 of hiring has been approved in the past year. 0 of the Ministry of Finance has proposed hiring more police. Very quickly, the approval will be given. Kamrul ahachana Police Headquarters Public Relations Officer of the ministry with the approval of a new police recruitment process is ongoing. At present, the amount of manpower that the country’s police force is not enough to ensure the safety of the people seems to be concerned department. According to information from the police headquarters, the country’s No. 1 lakh 70 thousand. The more or less 30 thousand in the capital Dhaka is working. Only the capital to serve more than one million people are expected to police. However, the 30 per 1 thousand people, including a policeman deployed. India is a neighboring country where one in every 730 people and 50 people in Japan, one of the security police. In these circumstances, the lack of manpower in the police headquarters of the organization in several government ministries and departments concerned have been informed. In addition, due to recent attacks on foreigners in Gulshan and solakiyaya Eid congregation was one of the confidence crisis. Their bargaining garment buyers such as Hong Kong and Singapore, with businesses showing interest in a third country negotiations. Asia Pacific Group on money laundering (epiji) was supposed to be a foreign delegation in Dhaka next week, their program has been canceled. Security issues have been canceled several programs. Security alarm, as well as foreign investment, foreigners have been created. This issue concerns the meaning of security department to keep the economy moving. As a result, the Ministry of Finance seems to think that the risk of terrorism and terrorist attacks have been made to overcome the effects of the economy, there is no alternative to increase the capacity of law enforcement agencies to keep the wheels in motion. The finance secretary Mahbub Ahmed said the safety of government ministries, divisions and departments are working. It thus turns out that the confidence crisis among foreigners is now our aim. Raksabahinira order to increase the capacity of the country, to bring them sophisticated weapons equipment means that the logical darakara We are ready to consider the allocation.


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