Come to overcome the problem,

পুলিশ প্রধান এ কে এম শহীদুল হক

The police chief AKM Shahidul Haque all against terrorism and militancy ‘position, which’ urged to tackle the crisis.
The private universities of the country, at a meeting of top officials of the Interior Ministry urged the IGP Shahidul Haque.
He should be in the position to deal with this crisis. The law enforcers will work beside you. The government’s zero tolerance against terrorism and militancy.
Private university students becoming involved in militant activities in the context of the new information at the institute’s agronomist, public safety and law and order of the meeting exchanged views on the IGP gave the welcome speech.
Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Minister, Education Secretary Sohrab Hossain, chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC) Prof Abdul Mannan, RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed, commissioner of Dhaka police achadujjamana Mia In addition to academics, and law enforcement agencies and other senior officials are present at the meeting.
Private University Board of Trustees Chairman, Vice-Chancellor of the student, teacher and parent representatives took part in these exchanges.
The IGP said, was a terror, any team, any opinion is not the important thing. Terrorists and militants identified as terrorists want to take action, you need support.
Terrorism and militancy of young people involved in the “comments IGP said, some of the gains of the Quran refuted the distorted name of jihad are misleading the youth will be able to go to heaven. Sacrificed their lives in the hope of heaven ….
He said they are an attack against humanity. The attack on the terrible situation in the country has tried to create. The country’s development, stability and progress has conspired to destroy.
Before madarasasa students seem to be the trend now, ‘good’ children studying in private universities are involved in militant activities of the police chief said.
In this regard, the support of family and teachers, he said, so children can not wander over to the family. I think the teachers have the responsibility to monitor. Social responsibility should be dealt with.
The co-operation deal with terrorism and militancy hoped Shahidul Haque said, children should not be involved in these activities in its responsibility to read the legs. There are those who have the responsibility to monitor the educational institutions. How do you think the future will be monitored.
The government is asking for suggestions on what should be done against terrorism, as well as some of the militants a new ‘recruits’ may not be aware that he advised the police chief.
At the beginning of the meeting the head of the police unit and counter teririjama Additional Commissioner Monirul Islam presented the keynote paper.
Dhaka City Awami League (North) general secretary Sadiq Khan, the president and general secretary of the central committee, spoke at the meeting.