Arrest of North South University Professor SM Ahsan Gias Uddin has been suspended from the university. He was Dean of the Faculty of the University School of Health and Life Sciences. Recently, he was in charge of the University Pro-Vice cyanselarerao. He was relieved of the responsibility of the university on Monday.Belal Ahmed, Director of Public Relations at the University of New horizon this evening confirmed.He said the university’s vice cyansalara Professor Islam has ordered the suspension of the Pro-Vice cyansalarake. The directive has been effective from the VC.

The Gias Uddin Professor Ahsan, the caretaker of flats and nephew Alam Rahman was arrested last Saturday. Bakery in Gulshan terrorist attacks against the Holy artijana shelter and assistance has been charged in the attack. Police and court Sunday rirportera Gias Uddin Ahsan and his arrest on the basis of two and schoolmaster, who was arrested from Mirpur has granted eight days.